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Calling all moon user's

Feb 23, 2013
Now hello there moon user's I would like to ask you why you choose moon magic and why not star and sun and benefits it has given you against other players and creatures.

Hunter G.

Feb 11, 2011
i love to use moon spell to change my strategy, first as an ice wizards who fights solo it get hard to fight and protect your self with monsters bombarding attacks at you and when my attacks are weak it makes me feel like i am displaying uncertainty and protectiveness i like my tower shields and all.. but when i poly morph draconian feared hunter, my fire spells burn my prey to crisp and even though my health may be low i don't back down and i am aggressive , a bit savage, and totally brutal! see my personality changed along with my appearance!

with determination, the wheels of fate drive to success,

Jun 02, 2013
All the Astral school spells require Training Points to learn so you may "choose" which ever spells you feel fit your play style the best. You are not limited to only continuing on with one Astral school once you have selected the initial spell.

Sun school spells offer damage and accuracy enhancement.
Star school spells allow you to cast aura spells offering various benefits.
Moon school spells transform your wizard into other creatures from the Spiral and give specific benefits while under the transformation.

All three Astral schools have their pros/cons to learning spells within. It appears that many wizards use their training points more so in the Sun/Star schools for obvious benefits. Other posters have already explained (numerous times & in great detail) on why they favor certain spells from Astral schools in several other posts; some of which you have commented in as well.

My suggestion to you is to keep leveling your wizard to earn those training points and spend them on whatever spell you feel benefits you the most.

If you would like to see a detailed list of the spells offered in all 3 Astral schools, I suggest you visit wizard101central.com and go to the section marked "Spells".

I hope I helped you, and best of luck to you in the Spiral


May 09, 2010
I only used moon magic when I am bored since they are really weak on high level enemies. Or if i have friends who does not mind me trolling around.
I basically use all moon magic from Azteca and mander for support. I love mander.
I just wish they give us more health and blocks.

Sep 19, 2013
Moon isn't very good, I spent a point on Treant and I regret it. Moon is at best a situational school, very few polymorphs are used in it outside of the life ones (Treant and Jaguar) and even then a good life wizard negates the need for it. They take away your resist and even cause you to boost on opposite schools, and chances are your normal form will have better damage. If you really want to train a polymorph, my advice is to wait until Azteca and learn Jaguar for Rebirth.

Aug 20, 2011
I'd use polymorphs if there were spells to enchant or upgrade their base resistance, damage, critical ratings, etc.