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Buying Zone Access with Crowns Question

Jun 08, 2009
Okay, I've had a subscription most of my time here, so I'm not clear on this. I've looked around and can't seem to find this particular question answered. I want to know because I may have to fall back on just adding crowns as I can to keep playing because I can't afford the monthly sub right now. What I need to know is this:

If I buy access to a zone on one of my wizards with crowns, will ALL of my wizards have access to that zone or am I going to have to pay again to get each one into that zone? I already noticed you have to pay for all the sub-zones in a zone which I though was a little... excessive for the price. It would be horrendously excessive if I have to pay zone entrance on 6 different wizards every time I hit an new area.

Yes. Zones you buy for Crowns are available to all Wizards on that account who have unlocked entry to the area by questing and completing tasks.

For example, a level 70 Wizard on your account can access Celestia once you've completed the tasks to unlock the world however a level 3 character on the same account will not be able to see that world at the Spiral door until they themselves have completed all the quests and tasks leading up to opening that world. When they do, they will not have to re-buy the area as you will have already unlocked it for all your characters when you purchased it.