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Bundles outside of USA

Jun 27, 2013
I Live in Canada, and am unable to purchase numerous bundles that I'd gladly spend money to own.
A few months back, I had to alter the address on my paypal to an american address to obtain the Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle through Walmart.com.

I wanted the Winterbane gauntlet as well, however, it was't available at Walmart, or target, as advertised.
I've attempted to purchase the Olympian as well as the Hive Bundles through Gamestop, however, once again, they are not available on line.

In essence, outside of the United States, there are few bundles available for purchase. I can't guarentee that Kingsisle users are a majority within the USA, so this makes little sense to me, as it limits the amount of income Kingsisle can make from these gauntlets, bundles...etc.

I spend a good amount of RL money buying crowns and bundles that are available through the Wizard101 Website, but I'm still feeling at a disadvantage because the "Good" bundles are offered to the home country only.