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Bundles for Family account

Feb 15, 2013
Good Day
My apologies if this question has already been answered, but I am not able to find such an question or answer.

I have an main account with my two grandchildren on it with their characters. Master Password and all that good stuff.
My question is: If I buy a bundle with a castle, pet, mount, etc. Does each account get the same separate, castle, pet, mount, etc or do they each share the same castle, pet, mount, etc or do i have to purchase 3 separate bundles?

Thank you.

Aug 03, 2016
Well I was told we're not supposed to share a single account. I wanted to give one wizard to someone too and was told I can't.

But to answer directly: Whatever you buy on the website will appear on your account as a gift box.

You will get ONE of each item purchased (unless you purchase more than one of each, of course), and once claimed, it's gone from the gift box.

Now if a wizard tires of it, they can put it into the "shared bank" and another wizard can pick it up and use it instead.

Now if it's a house, that someone has been using, and wants to put it into the shared bank after using it: Make sure to pick up everything in the house or castle first, before putting it back into the backpack, and into the shared bank, because I'm not sure it all travels with it. I don't remember those household items might vanish. So empty it out first :)

If you buy ONE bundle, you will get ONE elixir, ONE house, ONE mount and whatever else is included.

They can share it but only one at a time and by passing it around as above.

Otherwise if you want each to have a copy, you'd have to buy each person their own bundle. And make sure to warn them not to take someone else's gift on purpose. The gift box will be on everyone's screen within that Account.

Hope that helps.

Aug 08, 2014
I have an account and linked my son's account with it. If you have different user names and passwords you have to buy one for each account.