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Jun 27, 2013
Just a quick thank you to the staff for bringing the Pagoda Gauntlet to Online Sale.
It gives me hope that Winterbane will be available soon, as I believe it was out to Walmart prior to Pagoda... Could be wrong though.

Quick question though...
Read a response from Professor Greyrose a while back, explaining that the bundles were released to stores, then retired from stores and sold online, then retired completely.

I went onto the Walmart.com site today, and they're still selling prehistoric and Pagoda, but do NOT have Winterbane. I was just wondering if this is supposed to be sold at both locations.

I'd also like to ask if it's right/normal/acceptable to buy out astores allotment of these bundles,a nd place them for sale on ebay(Effectively Scalping) to make a large profit from the bundles??

Sep 24, 2013
Hello, this is my first time posting on the message boards. Bundles seemed like the best place for this, but there was no actual category. Anyway, I was wondering if Wizard101 creators/people that handle the card shipping out to a select number of stores, if you guys could start shipping them to giant? Giant is a general food store in all of Maryland and probably other states. My problem is; since the ten dollar membership cards are shipped to GameStop, my mom usually has to drive me 15 minutes to the closest gamestop. It's kind of annoying and a hassle to drive for that long to a GameStop. So I really plead and beg (if you people at Wizard101 are actually reading this) if you guys could start shipping the W101 cards out to the Giant food stores? That way, it would be much easier for me, and other people in Maryland and probably other states to get our membership cards, since there is a Giant really close to my house. If you guys could start doing this that would be amazing! I really hope the people at W101 take consideration into my complaint/problem that the W101 cards are only shipped out to a select number of stores, and that they start shipping them out to Giant stores in Maryland!

A Really Big Fan and Promethean Storm Wizard

Sep 17, 2012
Winterbane is newer than both of those bundles. I noticed a lot of the stores don't put out the newer ones while they have stock of the older ones. If you ask nicely, they might actually have Winterbane behind the counter. As to question of retiring, I believe they are "retired" from stores by merely by no longer making more cards. That doesn't mean that some stores don't still have them for sale. The scalping issue is a gray area in my opinion. I don't really think there's anything illegal about it nor do I think there's really anything a game maker could do to prevent it. That said, I really doubt you'd make much profit because Walmart and GameStop can still sell them at face value for a profit.