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Apr 11, 2009
IKR? Just yesterday I fled a fight in Krok on my level 25 and I was running around the Oasis collecting mana wisps and this guy was going in the same direction as me and he called me a "noob", then repeated "Kayla (me), you're a noob" and then said "You ain't got open chat." Wisps are for EVERYONE! That was so uncalled for! I DID end up using my ignore button on him .

So that's one of my personal experiences. As for ending it, unfortunately you can't report people for simple "rude behavior", but if they go further and threaten, harass you, swear at you, report away! Those things are against the ToU. If it's not a reportable thing, the ignore button is your friend!

I do find it sad that some wizards my level (referring to my prodigious character) take pleasure out of being condescending to low levels in the Commons and need to consider they were new once, and even then, the low level might even be a max on a different character! Same for people calling others ugly in the Dye Shop or just bullies in the game in general, even tho they're only known as that collection of pixels on the screen, words can really hurt the victim who's behind a computer screen

-Alia GoldLeaf 110