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Mar 16, 2012
annabananarose on Dec 18, 2019 wrote:
If you read in my first post of this topic,
I know you can IGNORE and change realms, but this does not get them to stop gossiping or spreading rumors.
And why should you care what a stranger says about you?

Mar 16, 2012
Snee432 on Dec 18, 2019 wrote:
I included your quote because it's something I often heard during the 12 years I wrote online. Law enforcement, friends, other writers, and social media associates, all have said something akin to what you wrote. What I experienced was 100x worse than anything occurring in Wizard101, so it's possible that I am hyper-sensitive to this subject.

If I misunderstood your comments, you have my sincerest apologies. However, I have a friend who lost her son to bullying, both at school and online. So again, this is something about which I am very passionate.

I also understand that younger players may not differentiate between snark and abuse. Telling someone "Your pet is weird" is completely different than "If I lose this PvP match to you, I'm going to dox you." The first is a little rude, the second is a violation of TOS and possibly illegal.

Please accept my apology, and I hope you have an amazing and wondrous holiday season. If you're in Ghoul realm, and you see an ice wizard with a sparkly blue hair bun riding Santa Jaws while singing Christmas carols, say hi.
I'm sincerely sorry for your friend. I think KI should ban reports during all ranked PVP matches ( considering how the majority of reports from that are usually fals. )
And if you see a Necromancer in the Cursed Play outfit ( looks like what Shakespeare would wear ) riding a dark red dragon, who says "HI!" that's me!

Mar 13, 2011
Oct 12, 2017
annabananarose on Dec 7, 2019 wrote:
Hi there,

I have to discuss with the community that bullying in the Commons (Ambrose One) has gotten out of control.

Now, I know you can IGNORE and change realms, but this does not get them to stop gossiping or spreading rumors. No names specified, but if you have witnessed the troubles, then you understand that I have to deal with this.

I am starting a group on wiz called "Spread The Vibes, Not The Lies" if anyone would like to join

The goal is to be positive and talk about POSITIVE things not hurt or harass anyone

Thanks everyone

❤️ Anna Rose / Alexis
Record everything they say, and what are the names of the players? This may be the chance they can finally get banned if they’re the bullies i know as well. Make sure to report them too. Send it all to customer support. One reason people stopped playing is because of the bullying, so this definitely shouldn’t be tolerated

Aug 23, 2017
I have to say, it's about time people started standing up to trolls and bullies. I've been bullied in real life and on the internet, and it's never ok. Sometimes ignoring the bully works, but even if it does, it just means they'll bully somebody else who will react to them. I agree with Snee, we should be able to use whatever realm we want without having to worry about being harassed. I'd be proud to be a member of this group


Nov 25, 2012
anecorbie on Dec 12, 2019 wrote:
annabananarose, that's a wonderful idea that you have, but why do you insist on being in the Commons on Ambrose area 1? It's almost as if you're asking for trouble so you can report them.
Go to a less populated realm and make friends there or make friends in a team-up. I usually hang out on Ghoul.
And what if we want to hang out with people in a crowded area in the game? They need to take their policis to the next level . In toontown you csn bsrley say something.

Feb 12, 2015
kraken0510 on Dec 20, 2019 wrote:
Just ignore it and get on with your gaming.
That is impossible.

As told by the other people here who have wonderful insight on the topic. This is not the sort of thing that can be ignored. Those things really get into other people's head. You can ignore the player, but it's hard to ignore what they've said before that.

I don't go into the commons very much, but even still I hear people constantly saying that they "need a girl," which I believe to be inconsiderate of the female gender. On some occasions, I have heard some people say horrible things that have caused me to ignore and sometimes report them. (Thank goodness I don't have to do that much. I think I'm lucky.)

You cannot, I repeat, can not just ignore these people all the time. Their misconduct is grossly immoral and has no place in a game that has young children. This needs to be addressed.