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Boss battle problems

Mar 23, 2013
Has anyone been having problems with boss battles

When I battle I spend my time using several blades and traps to boost the power of my spells so I can kill in one strike (hopefully). Over the last few days I have been having problems doing that in Azteca. I do my usual build up on the enemies and when I attack it only does a few hundred damage, then when I redo the process it blows them away. There is no difference between the first shot and the second one. The really bad part is that I end up having to spend crowns on a life henchmen to keep me alive because I am usually low by the time I do the attack.

This is very frustrating and I am wondering if this is happening to anyone else

Esmee StormHammer

Sep 07, 2011
Have you noticed why your attacks are doing less damage? Perhaps you have been hit by a Weakness or debuffed in some way? Keeping some Cleanse treasure cards in your side deck might be a good idea. Watch out for Effreet! That -90% is extra nasty.

Stacking Feints and Traps on bosses is a good way to build up a one-hit KO, and safer than stacking blades if there are storm or myth enemies.