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Biggest Epic Fail in Wizard101?

Nov 30, 2010
I recently created my third wizard, and was fighting some trolls in cyclops lane with her. I joined a battle with another wizard to get the last few trolls I needed to complete the quest, but when I tried to cast my first spell, my character turned backwards! She stayed like that for the rest of the battle, looking at grass and trees and casting her spells in their direction!

Dec 13, 2008
I had 100 health left fighting malistare. My friends were dead and Malistare was set up for a 1 hit KO with my judgment. Malistare passes and its my move, as i cast the spell my friends start to cheer, YES, WE WON, GOOD JOB, and then it fizzles. I scream COME ON and everyone was mad. I try again Malistare puts a Feint on me and i use another Judgment, Fizzles 2 times in a row! . Next turn he kills me and we loose and have to start all over. THAT was MY epic fail moment
Benjamin MistMask lvl 54

Jun 10, 2011
I was in wintertusk. About to kill this final snow skull. 10 hp on me, 1 on him. so i go for a wand attack as he only has one power pip. he stuns mwi. then next round he gets a power pip and ice kraken.i laughed so hard hat i.... well, needed non-wet pant

Nov 16, 2010
5stepstoofar wrote:
One time I was trying to see how high I could hit with just one attack. And it was going great, I had used treasure feint, amulet feint, normal feint, treasure element blades, element blades, stormblade, stormtrap, treasure element trap, element trap, treasure darkwind, and windstorm. I was really excited because i had levy with gargantion in my hand, but as i was going to click it i realized i used right click. That was the only attack in my deck. I used tons of money all to discard my only attack, I epic fail


Nov 16, 2010
SaucySweetDog wrote:
Ok guys i just had another funny epic fail the other day....
So i was on pvp and it was me and a myth girl against two guys who looked very high lvl. So my partner started summoning minions and kicking butt but after a while they started to gain the upper edge. So she doesnt play for a couple turns and gets really low life, and after a little bit longer i had like no life. So i used sacrifice on myself to heal her because she was obviously better. But after like another few turns i realized she wasnt playing at all! so a minion did a healing spell on me but the turn RIGHT after we got DESTROYED by a tidal wave spell powered by tons of shields and stuff. It was pathetic haha.
That spell was tempest by the way (I should know I'm a lvl 40 storm :D :D :D )

Mar 28, 2009
I cast hex, feint, curse (boots found in kt), death trap (amulet), life prism, life trap, and spirit trap. I was gonna hit a big hit centaur and I was calling a life friend to blade me and stuff. I was going to post the hit on you tube. This noob came into battle and imps. Then I accidentally posted it forgetting it was the imp one. :? oh no

Aug 30, 2011
SaucySweetDog wrote:
Hey this is sort of a wierd topic but i was just thinking that it would be funny to hear some stories! It can be anything from a very faulty minion to a very badly timed fizzle, just post anything you think might be funny or interesting! For instance, once i got into a battle in MB in Hyde Park when three other guys joined. We fought for a little bit but eventually two of them fled, after having a tough time with the four enemies still left the other guy with me fled too...... So not being aware that the Satyr spell was a 90% fizzle rate instead of 100%, at about 20 life left I cast the Satyr spell and guess what...... it fizzled. Haha i was so mad but I laughed so hard. Haha it was pathetic.
Please share some other interesting and funny stories!

I was fighting some sharks in CL. Some low levels ported to me, then they all fled, which left me with four shark guards fighting me. So I tried to solo them. I'm an Ice, but I brought a Death Mastery Amulet and trained Death, so I was able to use Skeletal Dragon treasure cards with my Ice power pips, and this made me thought I could take care of those oversized shark warriors with Scarecrow and the mighty Skeletal Dragon.

I drew five Skeletal Dragon treasure cards, and I was able to cast them. I selected the first guard, which has the most pips and is probably the most able to cast a Judgement. Fizzled. So, I'm think, it's okay, I'll try again next round. Just as I feared, the shark cast a judgement and BOOM goes away 1000 of my life points. On the next round, tried again. Fizzle. That lazy dragon fizzled on me seven times in a row, and soon I'm out of cards in my hand because I by accident discarded my precious Reshuffle. So I ended up summoning some henchmen to take care of the problem

Jul 06, 2009
:this is why i dont trust minions for one i was in a fight my friend scar was helping me she summoned a lvl 60 life hench men to heal me and then guess qhat she just keeps healing her even know she had full heath and i had about 100 another time i was in ds LONG LONG LONG time ago and then i summon a death lvl 60 henchman because the boss was life and i die so i am waiting for it to heal me and he wont after i awhile i relize ok this guy is never gonna heal so i try to flee but the hench man picks his cards SOOOOO fast i dont have time to press the flee button so i try to make the best of it i go over to the kitchen get some snacks and watch likes its some sort of pvp with to not real people after the fight i just start laughinh :-o Then i relize THE MINIONS ARE OUT TO GET US and i sure thr minion was in his secret lare in the crown shop going

Jun 10, 2009
A few days after I became a Legendary Thaumaturge, I went into the Waterworks (my victory run). I friended a guy named Alejandro. Later, we went into the Tower of the Helephant. Just us, together. I quit after I saw no point in it.

Feb 18, 2011
I just read this today and then i failed later XD ok so this is what happened...
I was in the grotto fighting the strom crabs and i was on my death,
It was going fine till one of crabs attacked me till i only had like 916 health then the other crab dude hit me with a storm lord, i thought i would die but i had just 46 heath so after my stun i quickly presse scarecrow and the other crabs fizzed when they attack me and i thought i am so gonna win, the guess what, scarecrow Fizzled i was was like o: then the crabs killed me XD have to say that was horrible timing! why did i have to fiz all times!

Dec 21, 2008
Mine was when a -90% shield was put up right before I was going to cast wraith, such bad timing, but kinda funny in a way .

Emily Spiritriver level 60 death

Apr 07, 2011
Hmm... I have had many experiances which I failed. I shall list a few of them. On my fire legend, the first time I died was on my first time on collosus blv. I kept on dying three times, even they were ice XD. Next is me calling for help trying to kill ice rank 10 elites.
I found it very amusing to watch me fail on the school I boost to, directly after just figuring out how to kill storm rank 9s and only have 900 health lol. I have more epic fail story. One is a two hour battle against a life legend, where I went full power just to see a massive heal, over and over until I didn't critical block, and I lost.

-Jacob Firehunter level 60 pyromancer
-Jacob Stormhunter level 34 Diviner
-Jacob Lifehunter level 12 Thuegest