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Big Update for Wizard101

Feb 01, 2009
I love this new update :D I was walking around town trying all the new buttons I have and things like that. But, when I went to my friends page I saw that: I have no friends and I realized I see no one Is this supposed to happen? I already looked at the "Patch Notes Page" and I saw nothing that helped much.

Jun 24, 2008
i was excited about the update especiall about the Grimcaster Deck being fixed. Only problem is, I can't equip the Tower Shield spell that I learned from the ice school in ANY deck! :(

Jun 24, 2008
Dec 14, 2008
I have completed the penny [dont know last name] quests and the pet i got doesn't show up in my inventory help!

May 28, 2008
I just read the patch notes for this morning's big update. Does anybody know what this is about:

Pet sheep can now be dyed. That's right...Pet Sheep!

Ok, so where are the sheep?

Nov 20, 2008
poptropican5 wrote:
I have completed the penny [dont know last name] quests and the pet i got doesn't show up in my inventory help!

what was the last quest did you talk to zeke after you deliver the letter to zeke?

Sep 25, 2008
Does anyone know if the pets from Zeke are permanent or do they disappear after Valentina Heartsong disappears from the fountain area?

I bought a Cupig, need more crowns.

Also is Valentina Heartsong staying only for Valentine's day, if not for how long will she be near the fountain?

Sep 20, 2008

I love the improvements, especially all the new and interesting Pets. But I have to ask a question that really puzzles me: Why is Zeke selling those "Tribute" Clothing which is only slightly better than what's sold on Unicorn Way, and not any of the Shops?

Oversight? Or way to draw Newbees into buy Crowns?

BTW, bought a Dream Ghoul for my Myth Wizard, and am saving my Gold to get my Death Wizard the new Leprechaun as well as that Elemental-like one for my Life Wizard. I'm still debating on if I should get a Lava Spider for my Fire Wizard or not....