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Better Resist with Gear

Mar 06, 2010
I have really good gear that I got from a boss and I compared it with the gear I have equipped and it's better in comparison and I equipped it. Then I check my stats and my resist is down by a lot. I think we should have a base resist just like health so that way if you get gear that is good but lowers your resist you'll still have good resist because with the other gear resist and the base resist. Tell me what you guys think.

-Andrew ThunderBlade
lvl 92 necromancer

Sep 19, 2013
No. The idea of having a small base resist to your own school has been kicked around a lot, but nothing has been done on it. If it's better gear by comparison for your playstyle, then use it, if not, shove it in your bank.

Sep 17, 2012
The last thing this game really needs is more resist. It's already possible for any school to gain immunity to certain other schools. Even a small base resist would allow immunity to all schools for Jade setup with pet resist.