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Best weapon?

Aug 27, 2008
Hi guys, I've been wandering about What is the best wand/staff/weapon for level 45+ and what is the best after that one? Myth btw! I currently have the sky iron hasta but I wasn't sure on how long I would keep that. Thanks

Level 45 Jason Myth

Jan 25, 2015
The best wand is the wand you already have you should keep the iron hasta until level 50 when you need crit and block thats what i'm doing. the iron hasta gives a power pip and 10 damage and other wands at level 45 would just give a regular pip or power pip and a few wand blasts which is good but not as good as the iron hasta

May 24, 2013
So the sky iron hasta is the wand I used the most probably, when I started needing to critical, (not sure that you need to though) I used the frosty stare tiki torch. it gives an epic amount of critical and block. Also, it gives myth and ice wand hits, a buffed tower shield and something else that I cant remember . And it looks sick. You can get it from the islanders hoard pack in the crown shop.

Sean Firehunter level 76 and going up