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Best Strength and critical set up

Aug 03, 2011
Hello, I would like to know what set up is currently best for good strength, critical, and critical block including bundles for a fire wizard

Wolf StrongFist 119

Feb 14, 2013
I would recommend leveling to 125. I'm not sure about block, but I can recommend amazing critical gear. My fire wizard sports desert trader's shroud (available from khrysalis crafting), bonesmasher's robe of flame (rattlebones exalted duel), and cabalist cleansing stompers (medulla, secret tunnel, etc). My pet gives me +9%, +6%, +6% damages along with +5% universal resist (defy) and 31 fire critical rating. I go with jack hallow's blues for the critical boost (available from halloween pack). My athame is edge of the raging daystar (obtained from first boss yevgeny in graveyard, darkmoor). I use morganthe's dark charm (morganthe, khrysalis) and mithraya's blazing band (mimic in aggrobah mirage). Omen's deck (polaris) gives 41 critical rating, and some block, along with a helpful starter white pip. Totaled, this set gives me 120 fire damage with an 824 critical rating (equivalent to 100% critical chance). If you happen to have crowns, I would suggest investing in either professor's hoard, as headmaster's glowing staff is an alternative wand to jack hallow's blues, or ghulture's hoard pack for the fire ghulture mount, which provides an additional boost of +3% fire damage. If you don't have crowns, I suggest crafting. Ignus' Torchstaff is great for damage. For more damage or defense, ancient purrizan boots are great for resist, as is krokopatra's hat. If you're looking for even more resist, the Rat (Polaris) drops an excellent amulet (which gives your desired block). If critical and resist is more your speed, I recommend shane's amulet (second part of darkmoor, last boss). If you're leaning more toward damage, I'd recommend cabalist cleansing hood. This hood coupled with the critical gear setup mentioned in the first few sentences would = 134 damage with a 91% crit chance, but lower in terms of resist (only 28%). Hope this helps! :)