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Best Secondary School

Aug 15, 2012
Hi, I am a level 23 storm wizard currently training in life as my secondary school (plan to train up to satyr) . I am thinking about training in ice up to tower shield and death up to feint (but I'm not sure because storm doesn't really need help with damage). Also, I want to get reshuffle from the secret trainer in Colossus Boulevard. I have heard that weakness is good but with all of these schools, leveling up and doing Zeke's quests may not be enough. Which spells should I invest my training points in and which should I skip? I do plan to do pvp once I am a pretty high level. Thanks for the advice!
Sarai Thunderstrider

May 22, 2009
As storm, I only trained life to sprite. It takes 4 pips to use satyr. By the time I have the four pips (some of them power pips) I could cast a decent tempest or a storm lord. Also storm does get a heal at a level 75.

I also trained ice to tower and death to feint along with the elemental traps/blades from Niles in krok. This left me plenty of other training points to use on the sun and star spells. At level 95 I have at least 10 training points I have not used.

Another alternative to training life to satyr is to purchase some healing treasure cards.

Mar 13, 2014
You shouldn't be thinking in terms of a secondary school so much as specific non-school spells and the training points needed to get them.

Warning: do not train a secondary school expecting to use it's attack spells. This may look attractive early on, but eventually all secondary school damage spells pale in comparison to the damage spells of your main school. You will never have as many blades and traps to use with them, and you won't get the full effect of power pips without a mastery amulet. If you need to damage opponents with high resist to your main damage type, learn to use prisms. Non-school spells are best used for damage increasers compatible with your main damage type (blades, traps, sun spells, auras), defenses, and healing.

The Duelist101 fan site has a great tool for figuring out how best to distribute training points. Check it out here: www.duelist101.com/tp_calc.php

For storm, I would recommend you take a look at training these spells:
Satyr -- 7 points. Highly useful. The prerequisites Sprite and Legend Shield are also useful.
Feint -- 7 points. Highly useful. The prerequisite Dream Shield is also useful.
Elemental Blade -- 1 point. Highly useful.
Elemental Trap -- 1 point. Marginally useful.
Reshuffle -- 1 point. Useful in long battles where running out of cards is a problem. For storm, you are probably best off to save the point and just keep a treasure card handy.
Collosal -- 5 points. Highly useful. The prerequisites are weaker versions of the same spell, increasingly powerful as you work up the prerequisite chain.
Tower Shield -- 5 points. Highly useful in PvP, not so much in questing. The only shield that works vs balance damage. None of the prerequisites is really useful for storm.

Feb 08, 2014
If you have never experienced a higher lvl character, you will want to save your training points for investing into the astral schools (). They are by far popular schools that you can access at lvl 50 in celestia. They are great for boosting spells and having a better attack. As a storm i would definitely suggest the sun spells, or enchantments, up to the sun spell, Colossal (+275 damage to 1 spell). Moon spells aren't that useful to me, but its up to you, they seem cool at first, but when you lvl up, you out rank them, so they aren't as useful unless your dying to be another school XD Star spells are interesting and helpful, they last only a few rounds (like moon spells do too, but moon usually lasts 6 rounds where as sun lasts 4) but they help your attack (Amplify, Berserk, Storm-Galvanic Field) or defense (Conviction, Fortify) in several ways, (btw you can look into what you want out of the astral schools by researching their spells a bit on online websites, you can see exactly what they do, who, when, and where you can get them, you could also save up your points for the all new shadow spells and stuff (these last 3 rounds and give you backlash, its a large topic if you wanna know more about them) Btw you still have a long way to go, you can get more training points as you lvl up and do the quest. Also i see your trying to become a healer too? Using your points in the life school can be more beneficial (when choosing to be a healer through life as a secondary school) when you buy or farm for the life mastery amulet that allows you to use your POWER p%ips for the life school, it makes healing easier. Their are even astral spells that can increase your heals, like the sun spell Primodial (+100 to 1 spell) or the star spell Mend (+20% outgoing for next 4 rounds)

So its possible you already know all this, my point is, wait until you know what you want out of future spells, you can't get every spell XD

Feb 08, 2014
So you probably want to know how many training points you will get/earn, i found a reasonable calculation of how many you will get and you can plan out what you want or just go to Mr. Lincoln to return your training points and start over picking new ones. This is if your serious about being 100, and willing to get all these XD

Go to:

So i will just copy/paste it below :) hopefully and maybe its gonna show up XD idk if it will...
Training Points are used to learn spells outside of your primary School of magic.
Obtaining Training PointsThere are two ways to earn training points:
1) Any Wizard will earn Training Points as he or she increases his or her level. From levels 1-20, Wizards earn one training point every 4 levels. From levels 20-100, Wizards then earn one training point every 5 levels. (See the Experience page)2) Wizards earn Training Points by completing certain quests (click here for a list). These include Enrollment, 14 quests given to you by Prospector Zeke, 3 quests given by Ogden Peake in Celestia, 2 quests given by Inyanga Whitestripes in Zafaria, 4 quests (for 3 points) given by Francis Lux in Avalon, and 2 quests (for 2 points) given by Eloise Merryweather.By level 50 one can obtain up to 19 Training Points.By level 60 one can obtain up to 26 Training Points.By level 70 one can obtain up to 31 Training Points.By level 80 one can obtain up to 37 Training Points.By level 90 one can obtain up to 40 Training Points.By level 95 one can obtain up to 43 Training Points.By level 100 one can obtain up to 45(more?) Training Points.Note: Without completing any quests, a Wizard can attain up to 21 training points.