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Best secondary for Death wizards.

May 30, 2016
So currently, I have a level 11 (will be 12 by time this thread gets any comments) Death wizard (yayy). Currently, my secondary is fire, but I chose that before knowing much about the game. This is my first and main character, and obviously I don't know much, but I've read up on W101 since then and have learned quite a bit for my low'ish level.

At the moment, i'm fire for my secondary. I mainly want to solo, so I want to go after a solo build, but one that can also be used with PVP with no downfalls (meaning it's not meant straight for PVP, but can be used for it). I heard people going ice for Tower Shield, but imo, I can just buy TC's and not worry about it too much, but idk what class to do til what, and wether or not I should continue with fire 3 Train Points in, or when to stop, etc. So basically i'm just looking for feedback.

Also, what should I train/use training points outside of the main 7 schools for? So I know what to save for (I.E shuffle which I plan on buying)

Mar 31, 2009
I see no need to really go too far into fire. Maybe if you want meteor, but idk. I agree that Ice to tower is good. You can save them and just train all of the Star/Sun enchantments (or even some Moon if you want to play around with those). You can also use TP for the other shadow spells if you want later. Training to Weakness is an option if you really want it. Just some ideas. Dispels can also be useful at times.

Sep 17, 2012
My 110 death doesn't really have a secondary school. I trained fire up to Fire Elf just to have a low pip dot for certain cheat fights (Belloc). I trained Ice to Tower Shield, but that was a waste cause I never use it. Stun Block is worth learning though. Storm I learned Storm Shield is all, again never use it. Nothing for Myth or Life. Balance I learned all the blades and traps and reshuffle because the elementals come in handy when supporting others. Astral I learned all the Sun attack boosts, Sharp and Potent, plus a few Star Auras. Shadow I learned Shrike. I'm 110 and have 22 training points left over and really don't see anything I want to spend them on that would help me.

Jul 29, 2012
I also began training my new death wizard early last week, and I am now a grandmaster necromancer! As a fellow death wizard, I also had this same problem when I was a novice. My solution to my problem was to simply not spend any training points at all. So far I have only trained the two spirit spells from the balance tree. I began questing today in Celestia, and bought the first two damage boosters from the sun school. I plan on continuing to train in the damage boosts, and most likely auras from the star school.

I have not struggled at all by using this strategy, but I would advise you to choose whatever path is best for you! If anything I would train ice up to tower if you'd like, but I just use treasure cards and the card that comes from my amulet. Also, do not train in any school in order to gain just power! Try to focus on training up to certain spells, instead of trying to obtain all of them, which you will probably not use in your higher levels. If you have only spent three training points, you can buy them back for free in the golem court, so I would suggest doing that if you have any regrets about the school of fire! Hope this helped.

Dec 19, 2013
I like having healing spells, so in my opinion life. Also useful when you face death class enemies.