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Best Schools

Sep 16, 2017
Hey everyone!

I am asking you all about what you guys personally think is the best school or secondary school. I think that the best school, in my opinion, is balance, and that a good secondary school is fire or ice.

Hunter SunSpear, Lvl 28

Aug 01, 2014
All schools are good in some way or another

Storm - crazy high damage at the cost of low hp
Fire - very high damage with damage over time spells, higher hp then storm
Ice - low damage, very defensive and high HP
Balance - low-medium damage, medium-high health, strongest support school
Myth - high damage, great at getting around shields with decent health
Death - medium damage, great at staying alive with health swap spells
Life - low damage, medium-high health, great healing spells

the 'best school' all depends on the situation. Solo? Probably death, because it's very hard to die as long as you strike the enemy. In a team? Probably storm/balance as you'll have teammates keeping you alive to hit hard/be able to support your heavy hitting schools

the best secondary school is also very dependent on the situation. Most people (including me) believe the best strategy is to train death up to the Feint spell, as it's a staple in many fights. If you have life mastery, training up to Satyr is recommended as it makes healing much easier. If you want to PVP, then ice to tower shield is a must have to keep yourself defensive when necessary.

Even when some schools shine in situations, they can be very weak in others. Balance is an amazing team school, but can struggle in solo play against other balance mobs as they have to limit their attacks to few spells so balance mobs don't resist their attacks.

However, in my true opinion the best school (the one that performs the best in most situations) is death. They are able to play offensively and defensively very well. Their swap attacks keep them alive very easily and allow them to play offensively and sacrificial spells such as Dark Pact or Sacrifice give them a defensive role. Their only downside at the moment is that they are weak in PVP compared to some of the other schools.