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best school

Jul 13, 2012
Shannon Skybreaker on Jun 22, 2013 wrote:
Life is a wonderful secondary school! Actually, many non-Theurgists have Life as their secondary school (or at least that is what I find throughout my travels in the Spiral). To answer your question correctly, yes, that is very good. Good luck in the game!
~Shannon Skybreaker
thanks. good luck too

Jul 13, 2012
Chelseawhisper on Jun 22, 2013 wrote:
If you ask what is the best school my answer would be there is no better school. All schools are awesome and like it's stated in other posts they all have their pros and cons. Now, without being biased, I would have to say the most unique school is definitely balance.

Jan 20, 2011
Jul 13, 2012
Aemort on Jun 22, 2013 wrote:
For me it is certainly
most people say that. i am not of a fire person though

Jun 04, 2011
There really isn't a "best"school, because all of them have strengths and weaknesses. For me, I took the personality test quite and few times, and every time I got Ice . It is basically whatever you are comfortable with. I admit that in the very beginning of the game, comes in handy for their much higher attack spells and things, but when you enter higher worlds everything evens out.

- if you are going for brute attack and fast battles
- still quite strong, greatest asset is over time spells
- AMAZING for healing and staying alive in battle.
- good for thing all around, greatest asset would be minions, strong power/low fizzle
- good if you are looking for extremely high health status, a little weaker when it comes to attacks in the beginning.
- good all around, a little challenging to master, but combines schools and gives great accuracy and health.
- A little bit of attack and healing, great school if you want this mix.

Hope everyone helped you
Emmaline Iceshard
Lvl. 47 Master Thaumaturge

Apr 29, 2013
the best school is ice but I am death i wish i could change Joshua crow stalker 44 wizard

May 13, 2010
Well, all schools have their good points, it depends on what you like.

-BIG, BIG hitting. hardly any resist. Not that good for 1v1, great in a good team.
-the ultimate TANK of wizard101, offers nearly 50% resist to all schools plus around 75% to fire and storm. However, weak damage, making a fight with this school, take a long time.
- pretty good damage, not as good as storm, but has more resist and health than a storm. Also, Dots go right through the shields.
-huge buffs, sacrificing their own health for some of them. can put 90% weaknesses for 300 health. Also, can trade half damage for health. Downside is pretty weak attacks, easy for a high boost however.
-the healer. With huge cards like rebirth, satyr, regenerate, etc. Life also has guardian spirit which revives you after death, pretty good damage but best used as healer with native healing spells that primordial can be equipped to.
-the ultimate STUNNER. Huge card stuns for 2 turns, cards that steal 1 pip, earth that takes all traps, blades, shields, etc. Great in 4v4 with a team. As of now, dominating 1v1
-has many spells with different school damages, and also can be very malleable. also can take 3 pips and make you suffer damage. It can also blow up auras in your face. BOOM! :D

It also depends on if you like to PvP or not.

As of now...


4v4-best additions to team

Jun 10, 2013
Ya, it really depends, I have a nature and fire wizard. I gave up on my nature one because I was too impatient. You see, nature is VERY useful, but can get annoying because it is mainly healing spells. But if you have patients, it is great because you can heal people. When I made my fire wizard I made my sub thing nature because it is really useful.

Megan Silverflame: level 31

Megan Earthheart: level 25 miscellaneous I was bad at this game

Dec 29, 2012
DEATH= death is an awesome school but if your not death balance is the next best but death is the best =) =) xd

Jun 17, 2012
i think that all of the schools are equal because they all have their ups and downs take storm and ice for instance storm; lots of damage but low accuracy and heath ice low damage but high health

Oct 26, 2010
well all schools are fun but to me I think ice is the best school because you can stun people

Vanessa mist rider level 43

Jul 13, 2012
vanessamistrider on Jun 29, 2013 wrote:
well all schools are fun but to me I think ice is the best school because you can stun people

Vanessa mist rider level 43
that is fun

Jun 24, 2013
pods1973 on Jun 7, 2013 wrote:
Besides the Death school?
death school best