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Best Pagoda Win Ever!

Aug 10, 2010
Yesterday, me and 3 other people did the Midnight Sun Pagoda. For some strange reason, we kept dying continuously and had to flee. We all soon ran out of potions and mana. The only guy with mana left had to leave for IRL reasons, and we were "Stuck." The "pig boss" (ya know, the one who is fire and uses the spell)
was the only guy left. We had a strategy in place, although it wasnt very good.

1. Luckily, we all had the 0-mana spell that does like 75-85 damage, so that helped.
2. We had a nooby menu-chat guy who was myth and could summon a 0-pip MINION! The minion can use 1-pip and 2-pip spells.
3. The minion has 45 health, so he dies whenever the pig uses that darn Star spell.
4. We fled when we ran out of attacks, and came back

And something to consider was that the Mana wisps were so uncommon, they never showed up.
We actually BEAT him! I was running back to the battling place, but we all BEAT HIM!!!

That goes to show that you will never "be at the mercy" if you run out of mana

If this has happened or something like this has happened, please comment below

-G.G. 36

-K.U. 21

Mar 10, 2009
WOW talk about enjoying the thrill of victory for a hard fought battle. Nice work and teamwork and great congratulations to all of you. Well done.

Jul 04, 2012
That is awesome! Me and my friend had something alike this he had minions for 0 pips and i had my physical attacks. WE WON!!!