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Best Level 90 or 95 Wand?

Dec 08, 2012
Does anyone know of a wand that has stats that is close to the stats of the Frosty Stare Tiki Torch wand but easier to obtain? I've tried so hard to get that wand from the Islander's Hoard Pack and I still haven't gotten it. I am done with buying that pack. Just to remind y'all in case you forgot, the Frosty Stare Tiki Torch wand gives 5% Armor Piercing, 80 Critical Block, and 85 Critical. The cards it gives don't matter to me and Armor Piercing isn't really important to me either. What's really important to me is Critical and Critical Block. So does anyone know of a wand that has stats that are anywhere close to the wand I mentioned? My current wand is the Level 95 wand from the Crown Shop that gives 8% Power Pip Chance, 48 Critical Block, 75 Critical, 15% Outgoing Healing and 11% Incoming Healing. I won't mind giving up the Power Pip Chance and the healing for more Critical or Critical Block. Can anyone help me on this? I'm willing to lose about 10-20 critical for more critical block but no more then losing 20 critical. I want a wand that is evened out just like the Frosty Stare Tiki Torch wand so can anyone tell me of a wand that gives more Critical, Critical Block or both then the wand that I have right now? If you can, please tell me where I can get the wand and if it's from a pack, only mention the wand if it's easy to obtain, otherwise, don't mention it 'cause I wasted enough crowns on the Islander's Hoard Pack. Can anyone help me please?

Hunter WaterSmith Level 95
Btw, a wand, staff, bow, and sword are all under the Wand Category so that's why I kept on saying wand.