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best death gear pack?

Apr 05, 2014
Hello, I really need a good death armour and I was wondering which is the best death gear pack in crown shop.
I want a little bit of everything like medium damage, medium resistance, medium incoming/outgoing, medium accuracy, medium power pip chance and well you get the point.
I've tried phoenix hoard pack and it has amazing damage and accuracy but it's just so low health.
It's kinda for a or but i'm . I need medium sized health too!

WolfShadowHorn level 26

Oct 09, 2011
You don't need crown gear at that level. Not at any level, really. Play till you are level 30 and farm for Zeus gear.

Sep 19, 2013
Don't get packs for gear. At low levels, it might work for you, but you will outgrow it quickly. At higher levels, it's absolute crap; I got a level 90 Tiki Armor of Riptides and it gives 6% damage and pretty low critical. The only reason you should buy packs is for high level wands. If you really want pack gear, do Winterbane/Pagoda.

Oct 22, 2011
Crown gear stinks and should only be used for appearance stitching. You can look and see it appears the gear has cool stats, but in reality, it's seriously missing the mark and I have never and will never buy crown gear to wear for stat purposes.

Death doesn't have a lot of health in the lower levels until it hits Khrysalis, then the health jumps up a bit, along with the stats.

At your level, you don't have to worry about critical, block or even much resistance. Concentrate on getting a bit of damage, pips and a bit more accuracy. Death, even with 85 accuracy, still fizzles a lot, even in the upper levels without accuracy boosts. Be sure to get the good L25, and L35 gear in the Bazaar. L40 is when the stats start separating and you won't get all of the good stats all together like L25 & L35.

If you haven't worked on your crafting level, I would recommend it. The Wintertusk, L56 crafted gear is excellent for Death and the crafted gear on up is much much better than the Bazaar gear (never buy clothing past L58 in the Bazaar, it stinks). Once you hit L60, start farming Waterworks. A lot of it is the same as the L56 Wintertusk gear, but WaterWorks has more resist, which is absolutely necessary from Celestia and beyond.

My L100 Death still wears his WaterWorks hat, because I have yet to find anything that works as well. I have also crafted the L94 robe and L96 boots. Along with some good jewelry drops and a decent pet I've received along the way, my death has awesome stats.

Good luck!

May 08, 2014
I agree with the others, maybe you should just level up first then if you want to buy packs (assuming you will hit 90+ by october) then get the Halloween Pack, that was like meant for Death wiz.. and the mount that may get is also cool looking :D

Wolf DarkShade 87 Death