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Best and Worse School Combos?

Jul 20, 2010
Jul 21, 2010
Is this a bod combo? i am ice and death ( P.S. death ROCKS!!!! ) i use death on all other schools and ice and other death guys.javascript:emoticon('');

Sep 11, 2010
Generally, good school combinations are those that supplement each other. Ice+Fire is one good combination, as is Storm+Life. Some schools, however, benefit from working together with one school, while that same school really doesn't benefit much from working together with said school. There's a huge tangle of connections between each school - the following are my personal experiences (so, please, take it with a pinch of salt):

Life does go well together with everything but Balance and, to a smaller degree, Death (though Life supplement Death when it comes to immunities, the two are pretty even in all other points). Balance is a bad combination due to similar abilities and lack of overall power between the two.

Balance, like Life, goes well with most things, but benefit the most from a high damage-dealer like Myth, Storm or Fire. In a pinch, it works with Death. Ice and Life are bad schools to combine with Balance, as you will have some difficulties actually hitting stuff hard enough to kill it fast.

Death is pretty much a jack-of-all trades. It goes pretty decent with anything, but doesn't have any really awesome combinations. Life is a decent combo for monster-school bonusses, but Life's primary spells are pretty worthless to a Death student.

Fire works well with Ice (for damage specialization and defence) as well as with Balance and Life. It has a neutral relationship with Myth, o-k relations with Storm and doesn't really work that good with Death.

Myth, like Death, can work with everything, but benefits the most from a Storm wizard (damage specialization) and, funnily enough, another Myth student.

Storm works tremendously well with Life for accuracy boosts and healing (as the Storm student will pretty much be guarenteed to drag the attention of everything in the circle to itself). Myth is its second-best friend after Life, and it works decently with Ice (for defence) and Balance. It has a neutral relationship with Death, and doesn't work well with Fire due to too similar attack methods.

Mar 07, 2009
The best and worst school combos. hmm, i would have to say Fire as the primary, death as the secondary, and as third would be life. Fire and Death are strong and intimidating and life can save you in tough times.

Oct 08, 2010
Apr 01, 2009
I myself on my main wizard who is lvl 39 and is death and life i wouldnt recommending being primarialy death and having life because death is already built to attack and heal at the same time, so i guess you could say it is could in pvp but the life: healing spells seem unecassary because death is already healing so life just seems like a dum idea.( unless for the armor is very good at defending, absord )

Oct 29, 2010
I think a good combo is death/ ice as secondary.

This works because you heal through death attacks and have good defense from ice.

Aug 22, 2010
Moondragon007 wrote:
Opinions please!

What are the best primary/secondary combinations? And what are the worse?

Well i have a few wizards but my favorite is balance. For a few reasons it has great defense able to heal and boosts very greatly. But then for its secondary i went into ice for the tower shield. Then i went into life so i could heal better. But my myth and storm legends are powerful. So i would pick what you like and have fun playingon.!.!.! :-o

Oct 08, 2010
FlipFredFredBurger wrote:
Moondragon007 wrote:
Opinions please!

What are the best primary/secondary combinations? And what are the worse?
Death/storm-feint + storm attack = your finished
Life/death-good health
myth/balance-it may seem a little weird for this combo but its good because myth foes kinda go crazy with storm shields and well only tower can stop balance
Fire/storm-great damage
life/ice-good to stay alive(mainly good for pvp)
balance/death-judgement + feint well = you know
Ice/storm-good defense and attack

Well there IS no real worst combo if you have the right stragety.

(Hey Guys! Missed me? I am just editing my message, I am NOT renewing my sub. I know all you people who like me want to see me again. So I am going to all my posts (that are still up) and going to tell you that I am on a new site called Kongregate. My username is DrOctaganapus2. It is a picture with a red man in it. I am on almost every day so if you still want to contact me, just add me on Kon.)

I disagree with the storm/fire combo. I tried that out and ended up buying back my points because they do about the same thing with damage that you could do alone with either of the schools. I like my fire up to tower and feint, good combo.

May 11, 2009
Not every school makes a good secondary. In fact some of them are apparently not intended to be secondary, based on the way the game works.

As many have pointed out, using secondary schools as a means to deal damage is usually terrible. As your power pip chance increases, you have to start comparing your 5- and 6- pip spells to your "secondary" school's 3 pip spells - after all, if you've got 3 Power Pips that's the same as 6 'regular' pips in your own school. Go ahead and compare Storm Shark to Centaur. Heck, compare it to Seraph; then remember that as a Life student you'll get Life Trap and Life Blade and the higher accuracy will eventually send the Storm Shark packing - not to mention the high Power Pip chance obviates the need to use 3 pips just to cast an off-school spell.

It is for this reason that, generally for a secondary/tertiary school, non-damaging spells have the highest appeal. Your school can already deal damage; next learn how to mitigate or modify it. Tower Shield, Weakness, Spirit Armor - these things reduce incoming damage. Sprite, Satyr - heal spells. Feint - wildly boosts your damage, if you can stand the retaliation. Elemental/Spirit Trap/Blade; all Balance schools spells which can provide an additional boost (which Celestia's spells can either augment or obviate given your playstyle). A lot of the other schools simply don't provide these kind of tools as a secondary school. Myth offers none of its minions to outsiders. Storm doesn't even have many tricks up its sleeve beyond 'deal a billion damage as soon as possible' - as a secondary school all it has to offer is a means of dealing damage that you can't boost correctly. Fire is as bad as Storm, although at least Fire Elf can provide a means of breaking Tower Shields.

I mean really - there's no good reason to ever pick Storm, Fire, Myth, or even most of Balance as a secondary school. The first three only give you attacks you can't boost properly; the latter's best spells are ones you can acquire from Niles without training the rest of them - or if you're into Weakness, it's only 3 points into Balance, hardly a strong "second" school and more of a tossing of 3 random points you may not have been using.

Thinking about things like this, it surprises me that more of the public spells don't show off the 'trickier' aspects of the schools. Storm's Disarm would be a fair sight better for the public than, say, Kraken. Balance's Black Mantle would be amazing as a 'public' spell. For some reason it's been decided to only (or mostly) display damaging spells in these schools, and it's a real bummer. Some of the secondary effects of the schools would encourage more creativity in assigning Training Points, both for casual and hardcore PvPers, than to limit certain schools to just their damage spells.

Jan 01, 2011
Well i think that a good school is
because life is good in low fizzle rate and health and storm good power

Jun 11, 2009
My favorite comibination is:

Primary: life

Secondary: storm

With life at firs you get great health, and with storm at second you get great power. I've got a life/storm wizard that is lvl 23 and has only died like 3 times

Nov 20, 2010
Well, I guess I should have taken a look here before choosing my seconday school. I have Myth(1st)+Life(2nd), I think its going well so far because I get a lot of health.

Rachel RavenTalon, Level 34 Myth

Nov 20, 2010
I would not recommend Life primary & Storm secondary.

One of my characters is Life / Storm. I have all of the storm cards, and now that I am level 52, the ONLY one that I use is the fire/ice shield. This is because of the cost of the storm damage cards. I can't afford to waste my pips on a spell that might or might not cast.

Even when I am up against a Life type enemy, it takes a long time to gain the pips needed to kill the enemy with the storm damage cards and this can also affect my ability to cast my heals due to the consumption of pips.

Apr 30, 2010
I have a life /storm combo that was great until I came to Celestia.
I also have a myth/ ice combo that is a waste of my time. I have three decks for this one. One deck is just myth with tower and storm/fire shields. One deck is just ice with myth minions, myth and life/death shields. My last deck is a mix of both. I use mostly the myth deck.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Reality is, you won't be using your secondary school for damage once you get past Krokotopia. The pip cost will be too high at that point, plus you usually can't boost a secondary school spell nearly so well as your primary school.

As others have said, you should consider your long-term needs when picking up secondary school spells. What do you need?

Do you have low health or low accuracy? Healing supplements low health/low accuracy schools like Storm, Fire and Ice or Myth, giving you a chance to recover and hit again. Shields can protect you from high damage spells if placed at the right time.

Do you play in a group? Healing will help you and your teammates. Spirit or Elemental Blades and Traps can enhance your teammate's spells, as well as your own. Shields can help you and your teammates.

Does your school have relatively weak attacks? Feint supplements lower damage schools like Balance, Ice and Life. All Spirit and Elemental schools get a good boost from Spirit/Elemental blades and traps.

Do you have weak health, or do you like to play defensively? Shields can help low health schools--Ice school provides shields against storm/fire plus the Tower shield. Or, Life school provides the Absorb, which protects against everything except for Death's health stealing spells. Also, consider training in a school or going to the Fairegrounds to get a shield that will give you a defense against your nemesis. Life needs a Death shield, for example, and Fire needs an Ice shield.

Do you work with your school's minion a lot? Go to Tish Mah above the secrect Krokotopia shop and you can find Myth spells to protect and heal your minion, plus a special blade to boost your minion's attacks.

Some spells are useful no matter what your school: go to Niles the Balance tree and get the blades and traps that will give a boost to your school. Death school's Feint will boost any attack by 70%. The minion spells available in Krokotopia will enhance any minion.

Some schools make terrible secondary as far as attacks go: Balance, Myth, Ice, and Life aren't good as secondary attack spells. There are a few exceptions, though. Myth's Humongo Frog can help Life or Death wizards until they get their own Attack-all-Enemies spells. Balance's Spectral Blast can also help if you're a Spirit school facing a shield-happy Spirit enemy. Fire's Fire Elf can help take out Tower shields.

Some combinations that have really been spectacular for me:

Fire, with Life up to Sprite, Storm up to shields, plus Elemental Blades. I have high damage spells, but they are slow acting, damage-over-time. I use my storm shields (protection against Fire and Ice) to defend myself against my Immolate spell, and to protect myself against Fire/Ice enemies. I can also cast a boosted Sprite just before unleashing Scald or Fire Dragon and heal while the enemies fry.

Balance, with Life up to Sprite, Storm up to Kraken, Myth's minion shield and healing spells, plus Gargantuan. I used Balance's Elemental Blades plus her Balance blades and Traps to get more miles out of Storm's high-damage attacks. I was still using Kraken in Dragonsypre when the occasion called for it. I used the Minion spells to protect my Mander and the Elemental minions. At the time I was playing with my Balance wizard, I needed the Life healing spell to activate Helping Hands on a fallen friend because Helping Hands couldn't heal a defeated player. Since the update that makes Healing Hands able to revive defeated players, this is no longer so necessary.

Death, with Life up to the shields, Myth's Minion spells, Balance's Spirit Blades, plus Gargantuan and Amplify. I use the Life shield to protect myself when I cast Sacrifice, and I get almost 700 health back instead of only 500. The Minion spells help with defending and boosting Death's versatile minions.

Nov 04, 2010
Moondragon007 wrote:
Opinions please!

What are the best primary/secondary combinations? And what are the worse?

Well, if you want strength, fire and storm.
if you wanna heal, life and death.
if you wanna be a big help, myth and storm.

Aug 10, 2009
I'd say the best school combo is FIRE and BALANCE, because you get a lot of awesome and powerfull spells from them, plus I'm a fire student myself.:D

Sep 08, 2008
I don't quite understand why Fire wizards would bother going Storm sub. Storm has absolutely nothing to offer but *slightly* stronger spells.
I find it so impractical to cast spells outside of your school, especially at higher levels. (Attack spells).

I am Storm, and I went ahead and subbed Ice first. Reason for that is the Tower Shield.
I will sub into Life next for Satyr. I don't see myself going too far without the ever so helpful Satyr. (That way I don't have to worry about carrying treasure cards all the time.)
After that, I will sub into Death. For Feint.
After getting Feint, I may do Balance for the Elemental Blade and Elemental Trap.

Dec 05, 2010
Best: Life/Storm, you have high health and damage if you pick this combo.

Worst: Storm/Fire, you may have high damage, but lousy health.

Katherine GoldCaster

P.S. I have the worst combination but Storm is still my favorite school.

Apr 30, 2010
I know I posted before but I will say that my life/storm is in Celestia and I always use storm spells. It doesn't matter to me how many pips they take. They only spells I took out of storm were the thundersnake, lightning bats(because they fizz a lot on my character), and I just recently took out the shark. I don't use the darkwind circle that much either but I will put it back in because I have the storm polymorph.
Death and Ice is a great combo. I really like that pairing.
I also have a Balance/Myth that I was working on today and that is a good combo also.

May 03, 2010
Myth first, life second. With minions, healing spells, and some other training point spells, you'd be a good support in PvP.