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Becomming a crown game?

May 31, 2009
I remember when you couldnt win a fight in Cel. without crown help. The game changed.
I remember when in Marleybone a tower was so tough nobody could win and it changed.
Today, My storm wizard was killed twice trying to complete a tower where he faced 4 opponents alone. His only way to win was to hire help. Nobody could port in or enter to help.
After he died two times facing 4 opponents I decided it was time to stop and take a break, about a couple months break. Maybe in that time the fight will change like all the other tough spots in the game, after all, why should any player face 4 opponents to one? Would you go into PVP with 4 against you? It shows how the game needs to correct single play. But do they want to?
Surely they can adjust a tower where if a single player enters you face two opponents instead of 4. I have seen where they do. But in this case, no porting in, no help. Its crowns or get killed.

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
The Marleybone tower is optional, and you don't really need help in Celestia, I soloed the whole thing. You can get a friend to help you in some parts if you want...

Jul 28, 2010
Yea storm isn't the best school to solo the game with. On my death I haven't had a problem with any if the worlds. Usually large dungeons I get my friend to help me with it. So no I don't believe the game is like that. To be honest I think Zafaria and Avalon were a lot easier compared to celestial.

Sep 08, 2008
I agree that the later parts in the game, Celestia+, is very anti-casual, anti-friendly, and anti-fun. For ME, anyway. I am speaking for myself here.

When you first move from Dragonspyre to Celestia, Celestia is an absolute horrible nightmare. Once you painstakingly progress through Celestia and obtain some of the more powerful equipment, it becomes somewhat easier.

But then, Zafaria takes it up a notch, and while I think Zafaria is rather bareable, Avalon takes it a step further and in my opinion, destroys the fun of the game.

The ONLY reason I play my wizards through the final worlds is because I would like to see them fully developed. Not for the sake of the game itself, but for the sake of my wizards.

In Celestia+ (Celestia, Wintertusk, Zafaria, Avalon) you NEED people to help you progress through the worlds, which in my opinion destroys the concept of casual gameplay. You are coerced into spending crowns just to get help in fights that I think were made to be that difficult just for that purpose. Lets face it, we can't drag friends in on difficult fights 100% of the time, and become stonewalled as a result. KI does not seem to even bother to care about that.

That alone, for me, destroys the fun and casualness of it all. Everything up to the end of Dragonspyre was somewhat fun. But everything after it destroyed the game for me.

While I would not necessarily consider it a crown game, I consider it two-faced.

Aug 21, 2009
this is absolutely rediculous... I've been playing this game for a very long time and never used crowns and never struggled like these people have despite my having one of almost every school... if you are a bad player you are going to struggle, its best you learn how to play better than expect the game to become easier for you and more boring to others who simply have no trouble at all and believe it should be made even harder

Aug 16, 2010
I am sorry to say, but somehow you are right, and somehow no. I mean, with my balance wizard, i couldn't win a FIGHT in Celestia, all because i was lvl 50 (or 48, or 49, don't remember.), so i decided to complete grizzleheim then wintertusk. After i finished wintertusk, i was like level 59. Then, Celestia was MUCH, MUCH easier. I am just in district of the stars at level 62, and it's becoming a little harder. But still, i can still do it. Plus, you can just get some Treasure cards if you can't complete something, and, if you are fire (example) and you fight a boss/monster that is fire school, use your secondary school spells, and if he would be able to kill you before you get enough pips for that secondary school spell you wanna use (if you don't have mastery amulet) then tell a friend to help. Well, this game is more for team-fighting anyway. So this game isn't becoming a crowns game. It's a team-fighting game. See you in the game, and good luck at leveling up

Oct 24, 2010
The tower in Marleybone is optional and is not meant to be done solo. It's just like Briskbreeze in Colossus. Ignore that quest and move on.

But yeah, the final battle in Celestia was a nightmare for me. I couldn't get anyone to help, having tried over and over again, and finally gave up and hired henchmen. I just wanted out of there! :?

Nov 21, 2010
You missing the whole point of mmorpg game. You need to play with a team, friends or random people. Some of the dungeons made to be so hard that you do need them. If you prefer solo whole the time you can play offline games which designed for solo players.
I have 2 archmages and now I lvl my legendary wiz. I never used a crowns to get help. I joined to different teams most of them were random. Avalon is the best world for challenge.