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Beating malistaire too early

Dec 13, 2008
I have noticed that more and more people are beating malistaire at a much earlier level than usual. Yesterday I saw a level 44 in the Necropolis, and I asked him what area he was in, and he told me he had beaten the game. I also beat malistaire earlier than I should have. I had to do a ton of side quests to get to grandmaster. That is why I am glad about the updates to dragonspyre, and the new world celestia, so people can get to higher levels.

Devin Dragonflame, Level 50 Fire Wizard

Jul 04, 2009
That's nothing new. If you don't do most or all of the side quests, you won't reach grandmaster.

Aug 21, 2009
People are skipping most all quests and having their friends rush them through the ones they have to do. As such they get to malistair at lower than grand levels which to me is totally not fair and more irritating than anything else. Comparitively, those who actually do the quests tend to find that upon entering DS their characters have already maxed out their levels and experience and are running around getting no experience credit at all.

May 20, 2010
I'm guessing that if no side-quests are done, the wizard can finish the game, barely, by level 43, definitely by level 44. So I'd guess that the wizard in question did no side quests at all.

Jun 06, 2009
I know what you mean i had a magus friend and once i reached grand and then after i defeated malistaire he ports to me and he had the savior of the spiral badge(after the update) and i looked at his stats and he was only lvl 41 i was astonished i was lvl 43 coming out of mooshu.

Sean Ironflame Lvl 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer
Sean Stormblade Lvl 30 Magus Diviner

Jun 07, 2010
Welcome to the MMO world. People always, always, find the fastest, and easiest way to reach end game content, and will do anything to reach it, even if it takes to leech off the people that earned the right for end game content in the first place. This has been a growing problem since Fantasy, adventure, Midieval, etc games, went to Multi players all online at one time.

Jan 27, 2009
There are kids that claim to have beaten malistare because they ported to a friend that was fighting him, but they're gonna be surprised when they go through the game and still have to fight him again.