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Bashing is not the answer

Feb 28, 2014
This is my experience of bashing: peope going around saying " Your gear stinks, Learn how to fight, Your deck is messed up, Your wizard is weak, Don't be a noob, Get a better pet, etc..." including name calling and threats. How is that gainful? That's not called being a teacher. It's called being rube (trolling) and it's damaging. People who feel in the need to bash should find something around home like a punching bag or something thick and soft such as a pillow or a bunched up blanet before you start playing Wizard101 or Pirate101. You may feel a lot better Being a teacher to help other wizards get through a difficult battle or dungeon by telling them to look up the strategy, the cheats and what wizards to use in a teem is the same as passing the hockey puck to the cumputer's wizard101 website page such as Final Bastion. It is helpful but some people may require more than that.

Example: I ran in to someone on the Messge Board several weeks ago who was very helpful to someone who had troubles defeating the Storm Titan. She teamed up with him using her Death wizard and stuck with him through the whole battle; telling him the steps to take. After the Titan was defeated, he posted a warm thank you post on the message Board saying how great of a teacher she is which made both of them feel good. My point is being a up front teacher brings out more of a positive solution than bashing.

Dec 26, 2010
Being rude is never okay and putting people down for not knowing something is not okay either no matter whether it's a game or real life. That being said as someone else mentioned before there are resources for you to find out what you need to know to be better at the game.

Your right in saying Diego only teaches the basics and things can still be confusing as times goes on. I had the same problem. As I preferred solo gaming when I first started out here I turned to Google for my answers. You can type in any question into to google about Wiz and find an answer for it. Usually even for things Diego explains, done even better with a complete guide and scenarios.

Wiki has tons of info and websites like wizcentral along with old threads here on the message board have lots of good info for people who need things explained either more or differently from what Diego tells us.

Another website with lots of good info including guides for things like equipment, spells, and cheating bosses, is swordroll's blog.

Again bashing people is not okay but it can be frustrating for long time wizards to play with newer wizards. They are so used to knowing what's going on they forget that some people are new to the game or haven't been online in a very long time. Asking them questions is a good thing to do but not everyone will answer. This may not even be because they're being rude. They may not know how to explain an answer to the question or it may be too complicated to give through chat. Especially if they don't have open chat or the person asking doesn't.

All in all what I'm getting at is situations like this need to do things on both sides. Players who need help should ask questions then go do their own research since there are many many sources available to find things out through google search. Veteran players need to be polite when answering questions or explain that they are unable to answer the new or inexperienced player's questions. If they aren't able to they don't have to say why it's their business but a polite suggestion to try the question on google or look at a section of the message boards would help point the player asking in the right direction.

And by polite I don't mean something like "Don't ask me just go try google". I mean something like " I'm sorry I don't think I can explain very well, why don't you try to google it, it will explain much better".

Feb 28, 2014
is it called bashing when someone leaves your team after making battle plans and didn't come back because that someone didn't get his way or just wait till you're in the last battle in a hard dungeon then fee?

Aug 03, 2016
" bashing people is not okay but it can be frustrating for long time wizards to play with newer wizards." - Luvdogs99

But the OP was talking about team ups I think. That's very easy to avoid: The long time wizards do not have to voluntarily join team ups. I am referring to the lower level battles which are the only time they'd be paired with very low level players.

It's worth noting that what appears to be a low level player could be a higher level player on a new wizard.

It's fine not to want to 'teach' other players or to socialize. But I think the OP was talking about people who purposely join team ups or battles and then trash talk or 'helpfully critique' the team members.

I've had experiences in which people crash a battle circle only to then ridicule the other players.

Point is, there's no need for very high levels to play alongside very low levels, unless they voluntarily did so. In which case, I think either flee (if they just can't stand the disparity in experience) or be civil. JMO