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Balance Cards

Oct 01, 2008
Hey Guys I just made a new balance wizard, he's lv 10 and iv'e had great fun with him but I want to now what cards I get so I can plan ahead, please! Any grandmaster balance wizards out there or close to it you would be a great help, also i want to know what would be a good side class for it too, I have life right now,but I wanted to check, if life is good then i'm fine but if there's a better one please tell me! thanks,bub-bye

Arthur Wethersfield has a list of some of the Balance school spells, however the Balance Professor can be found in Krokotopia. Once you reach him, you'll see all the Balance Spells available to you at this time.

Dec 02, 2008
The balance professor is by the Krokosphinx, so you have to clear the Pyramid of the Sun before you can get to him. In addition to the cards available in Ravenwood, he offers:

Level 26: Spectral Blast
4 pips
85% accuracy
440 fire, 365 ice, or 550 storm

Level 33: Donate Power
3 pips
100% accuracy
Donate 2 pips to target

Level 42: Hydra
6 pips
85% accuracy
190 fire, 190 ice, and 190 storm

I think the rest are listed in Ravenwood. The next highest level balance trainer card is:

Level 22: Power Play
4 pips
100% accuracy
+35% power pip