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Balance, AKA, the weakest school.

Sep 23, 2011
stormninja542 on Mar 16, 2014 wrote:
I disagree, Balance used to be underpowered but after the most recent worlds came out, they became more powerful. Balance has availing hands which I think is good enough. It heals a lot and balance is not supposed to be like life. You complain about only having two heals while there are other schools without any heals. You guys only have to deal with tower shield and fire isn't the only school with a mass prism. Health is fine the way it is. Your damage is balanced. Balance does not need any boosts. Balance may seem underpowered because it has disadvantages that other schools don't have, but they do have advantages over the other schools.
And just like there are not many school that have heal ki goes and give storm wizards everything they want outside of health they get healing spells when myth should have gotten it they talk about ice being overpowered when they can kill virtually every other school with pierce and leave only ice and we have more schools then just storm and fire. but yet storm gets a healing spell? Then they talk about accuracy which ki virtually gave it away so storm has no weakness when you rally look at it cause if they go first in pvp it is almost a given they win. No reason why most in pvp are storm. Over powered is storm all the way. For what I just said if it is not true then tell me. Balance needs better power and not have every other school take everything that balance has but mana burn. Seems to me its the test out school to see if it works for other schools. Each school needs there own spells that can't be bought in bazaar. Half of you would lose it if they got rid of the bazaar. upped defense would be ok across the board not just life and death as most the gear gives. Health is good if you boost your hands like I do. I would also like to see storm fizzle at a way higher rate then they have been.