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Aug 20, 2009
Okay so my badge is Mastermind and I want to change it to Magus Thuergest, but I can't find it!!!!! Please help me figure this out, because I've seen people with those badges and I want to equipt it but I can't figure out how to do it! Please help!


Paige Rainbowleaf lvl 35 Life Wizard

Jul 09, 2011
Hello young student

zelda3456147 is quite correct.

The Magus Theurgist is a Life school classification: (Theurgist being anyone in Life school, and the Magus title obtained once you get to level 30. As such, it is not a badge and thus does not show on the badge list - but it will be displayed below your name if you decide not to display any badge.

Any badges that you have earned in a game can be selected and displayed.

To find them, open your Spellbook and click on the Character icon (the red- hooded wizard) on the right side - or just press the 'C' key.

There are five tabs, just to the right of your wizard ID ( picture, level, school, etc) - the center one - a green badge - will bring up the list of badges you've earned. But the very first one is No Title. If you pick that one (so that it has a red background, instead of black), then no badge will be displayed and your title will be.

Aug 20, 2009