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Badge Updates

Mar 03, 2009
SuperSonic1991 wrote:
FlipFredFredBurger wrote:
DarthNexus wrote:
FlipFredFredBurger wrote:
The Master of Monsters badge now requires the Vaporize spell to complete the badge. Players who already have this badge, but not the spell, will not lose their badge.

:( :x

NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why should i need those 2 spells for my master of monsters bade?!

I am already lvl 50 and i used up my training points and i refuse to buy back my points for crowns so i can get those spells! KI Please PLEASE PLEASE dont make those spells requirments for the "Master of" badges.

yup its a myth badge only srsly how did you not know this

Either your a kid or you got F's in everything grammur because your post made no sense.

Coming from a guy that can't even spell grammar.

exactly! lol