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Avalon Gear too Expensive!

Nov 19, 2010
Ok, so i am level 71 and i am trying to get good gear for my level. I am still on zafaria so i teleported to my friend in avalon. The max amount of gold is 300,000, and the gear costs 250,000! This is ridiculous how does KingsIsle except us to get new gear? Like i bought a robe and wand from avalon and lost all my money. Now I only have 5,000 coins a month after buying this gear . I hope KingsIsle lowers the cost of gear in the later worlds it is too expensive and no one can afford it. I hope they either make the gear cheaper or raise the max amount of gold you can have.

Taylor DaisyFlame: Level 71

Dec 17, 2010
Purchasable gear after Celestia is bad. The prices are extremely high and the stats are horrible. I suggest that you wear the Wintertusk Craftable gear. I still use it on my Fire Wizard, who is in Avalon. The Wintertusk Craftable gear is just as good as, if not better, than Waterworks gear.

Good luck!