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Augmented treasure cards

Jan 20, 2009
Pardon me if this has been asked before, but I was wondering about some of the treasure cards I see in the bazaar.

They have a tree like symbol in the middle of the left edge and are boosted in some way from a regular treasure card. This is different than keen eyes or tough, as the boosts come in different flavors (i.e., percentages on traps).

Does anyone know where these augmented treasure cards come from?

May 28, 2009
I have wondered the same thing. The cards don't ALWAYS come in different flavors as you say. I have found cards in the bazaar that are exactly the same as each other except on has the tree and the other does not. The only price difference between the two seems to be count specific (meaning if there are a hundred of both kinds then the price is the same). IS there a difference between these types of cards and if they are the same then why are they always displayed separately?

Feb 16, 2009
That tree on the side of the card means it is from the Booster packs you can buy with Crowns from Zeke