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Athames from Morganthe

Dec 08, 2012
I've got a question, why is the Athames from Morganthe is SO MUCH HARDER to get then the Blade of the Felled Titan from Cronus? Like seriously, you can fight Cronus for a full hour nonstop and get about 3 - 5 Blade of the Felled Titans but if you fight Morganthe for 2 hours nonstop, you'll barely be able to get ONE of the athames! Like why is it so hard to get the Athames from Morganthe? The athames from Morganthe gives like only 2 more Critical Block, 2% more Damage, a little bit more health, and so on so what makes Morganthe's athames so much more rarer then the Blade of the Felled Titan? That is one thing I do not understand, not one bit. Could ANYONE explain this to me? I understand why the Amulets are so rare but I do not understand why the Athames are so rare from Morganthe. Like seriously, I can get a Blade of the Felled Titan SO MUCH EASIER then I can get the Athame from Morganthe so like, I don't understand why the drop rate from Cronus seems to be like 5% or 10% while morganthe's athames seems like a drop rate of 0.05%. Why am I able to get the Blade of the Felled Titan so much easier then the Athame from Morganthe? Can anyone explain that to me please? Anyone?

Aug 15, 2012
It's probably because morganthe is a finale boss and she might have more cheats. I have never taken a wizard through there though.
Sarai Thunderstrider

Jan 27, 2012
You get 3-5 blades of the felled titan in an hour... I spent 6 days and the only good loot I got was an exalted life amulet (first) and the athame... took me 3 weeks for the ring from the gladiator.. and why are they more rare? Theyre probably on that fine line of 10% and 5% where its only 5% difference, but at low amounts its a HUGE difference.. KI doesnt look at it like that though.