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Athame and Ring help plz

Aug 04, 2013
Hello everyone

i am currently level 51 and i have the wintertusk quest ( although i have not started it yet :P). However, the only reason i want to do it is because i know a boss drops the amethyst ring of battle and bears claw of storm. I know you have to farm for it, which can be boring

So i was wondering, is there any other way to get these items? i have seen their stats and wow that should last me until the alphea and felled titan items at level 90!

Thanks guys
Talon Spiritbreaker

Oct 29, 2013
Both can be traded and auctioned; you should be able to get them in the bazaar.

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Sabrina Boomblossom, Journeyman Theurgist

Jan 27, 2012
Well both can be bought at the bazaar, as the person above me said, but they wont necessarily last until level 90. The level 56+ storm ring and athame give more damage, and pips, but no block, so theyre debatable. But level 86+ storm ring (forgot name) is WAY better than the one you want. Just saying