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Astral Spells

Jul 13, 2013
Hello I am a level 50 wizard and I went to Celestia to get me some astral spells. I bought Fortify and Strong from the trainers at the base camp( I buy Accuracy treasure cards so I can use them whenever I need to.)
Okay so I have five training points left. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should use them for? Should I continue buying both and spells, or should I use only one? Or should I try spells?
If you have experience please give me tips.

May 01, 2010
DO NOT get the Moon spells, they're pretty much useless after you finish Celestia. I would recommend using your training points as you level up for the Sun and Star spells.

Aug 15, 2012
I would say train vengeance, infallible, berserk, and chatisement in star and all the damage boosts for sun. Also, you unlock them as you progress in the game. And for your moon school question, I don't really think moon school is useful but I guess the transformations that make you a high health creature can save you when you're dying. I have never trained moon school so that's just my opinion.
Sarai Thunderstrider

Oct 09, 2011
You should definitely continue training into damage boosts, the accuracy/pierce boosts won't really be useful practically ever. Pick what you think you might need from , as they can all be useful. is really situational and, from what I've heard, becomes obsolete after Celestia. I've never liked or really used , so I don't know much about it. Those are my tips.

May 06, 2009
Star spells and Sun spells will be pretty helpful for the most part of your battles so I would recommend continuing them. Auras give you pretty small boosts that help protect you or boost your spells over rounds and Sun spells will make your spells all the more powerful.

I am not going to say "don't train Moon" I've gotten Moon spells before and I think they can be very helpful. Moon spells shine when you are in group play so if you do a lot with group play, I would recommend going for a couple. Moon spells can fill a niche that is not present in your group or can reinforce an existing role.

For example, when I did tons of group play when Waterworks was a major thing for my friends, I would often use Polymorph Treant or Polymorph Jaguar because none of my other friends acted as healers and my Sacrifices ( Wizard) could be few to none. I love Life Polymorphs because they keep all these heals in one spell. Tip: Use a polymorph when you have lots of Power Pips because the stats of Polymorphs will generally not be as high as your own, including Power Pip Chance.

I didn't go for the main Moon spells from the trainers mainly because at the time most people trained them just to get Polymorph Burglar (he had tempest). I trained off-trainer moon spells from Ulantor Starmist in Stormriven and I like his spells more. Polymorph Treant and Colossus are among my favorites from him.
Down the road, you could train the Polymorphs in Azteca. I really like the versatility of these ones. Polymorph Jaguar is a big upgrade from Treant (he has Rebirth), Polymorph Icehorn buffs and defends the group, and Polymorph Ptera is just a big hitter. But that's down the line.

Hope you enjoy whatever it is you choose to learn!

Jun 22, 2011
Mar 13, 2014
I am not a huge fan of star school spells, in most cases using the turn to cast a blade or trap instead of amplify, a shield instead of fortify, and so on, gives a bigger bonus and you don't have to worry about it running out in 4 turns. There are times when auras give a small advantage, but don't use up your training points on them until you have all the more useful off school spells trained.

Moon school spells (polymorphs), as many others have commented by now, are pretty useless. They turn you into a different type of wizard but without anywhere near as many options and gear bonuses as you would get playing your main school. I would strongly recommend never training a moon school spell unless you have tried the treasure card version a couple of times first. In most cases you will be kicking yourself for wasting the training point before casting it more than a few times.

Sun school is where it's at. Especially the damage enchantments. Strong through Colossal are a requirement for any serious wizard. You should be saving up training points (5 total) for these before you even reach level 50. The mutate line of sun spells aren't really good for anything, avoid them. The accuracy/penetration line (Keen Eyes through Extrordinary) would have some merit except that you can only use one enchantment per attack spell, and using an accuracy enchantment would mean foregoing a damage enchantment. By the time you are high enough level to train the accuracy enchantments you should be getting useful accuracy bonuses from your gear, so these just aren't as useful as the damage line. When sharpened blade and potent trap become available (level 86), you want to train them immediately. Primordial is decent if you cast a lot of healing spells (you need it if you are life, pretty optional otherwise)

Jul 13, 2013
I will continue getting both sun and star spells. I will pick and choose the ones I like best. And maybe I'll get a polymorph life spell one day.
Thanks for the help, guys!

Dec 22, 2008
sun school mutates some of them yes arent very good but others are good to have
like if your second matches up with it like i have a storm wizard who seconds in fire thunderbird mutate is awesome because it gives three traps after it takes or fire kraken which leaves a aura destroying towers or fire shields of enemies etc not to mention they look awesome :) definetely look into those before dismissing them