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astral schools

Feb 01, 2009
hey in the game i have a lvl 42 death wiz and i havent yet realy put an training points in a secondary school (still have 6 left) i was wondering if it was worth it to save up for the astral schools or should i go ahead and spen them pn another school of magic

May 20, 2010
Secondary school spells used for attack purposes are overrated, in my opinion, although the Mastery Amulets have changed that somewhat.

What you do depends on how you like to play.

Sun: Makes spells stronger. The PvP people like this school.

Star: Temporarily boosts attack, resistance, critical, or accuracy.

Moon: Polymorph into other creatures during a battle.

I personally have never trained an Astral school spell, but others have different wants.

Apr 10, 2010
I've bought back my training points countless times for my myth wizard. So I learned to be careful with them for the rest of my wizards. So, in my opinion, saving some of those training points is a smart way to go.

Some of the astral school spells are very useful. I love gargantuan added onto some of my spells. The polymorph storm cat and treant are helpful too.

May 02, 2009
I would have to say yes, the astral school spells are very helpful in both pve and pvp.
The star spells each last for 4 rounds, and each give different benefits (for example; empowerment gives you one pip for every rank 4+ spell used on you (including spells like satyr and immolate).
The sun spells give boosts to damage and accuracy (and also gives mutation spells)
The moon spells let you transform into a different creature for 6 rounds, which can be very helpful in both pvp and pve depending on the situation.

I have trained all the moon spells, sun to gargantuan as well as cloak (cloak a charm or a ward; only helpful in pvp), and all the star spells except vengeance and infallible), and have not regretted my choice.