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Asking for help

Aug 15, 2012
It seems as if whenever I really need help from a friend, they never respond! I don't want to ask all my friends at once in case they all come but waiting forever is really annoying because I only ask for help when I'm close to getting defeated. It would help a lot if people just said: sorry, I'm busy or sorry, I'm in battle or sorry, I can't. This is simply so that I know they recieved my message. One time, I was asked a friend to help me with Shirataki Temple and they didn't respond. I waited awhile and then ported to a friend who was already in the dungeon with another person. One of his friends wanted to port in before we did the final boss and I was fine with that BUT the friend I had asked before ported (closing the dungeon). It would also be nice if people asked: "do you still need help?" if its been a long time since they asked. I know that sometimes it gets annoying if lower level friends spam you with help requests but if I was on the recieving end of multiple help requests, I would just remove or ignore them. Then the person in need would be able to proceed asking other friends without worrying that their entire friends list would port and get mad. ~Just my thoughts
Sarai Thunderstrider