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Are you having trouble with the cursor?

Feb 24, 2009
I have a Windows Vista and messed with my mouse a little, I applied a cursor trail.Turns out...THE GAME WONT RECOGNIZE IT!!!!! This is a heads up to anyone that has a Windows Vista, and cant see the cursor when you launch the game! Be sure to DISABLE the trail on the cursor before you play wizard101 !

If you dont know how follow these steps:

1. Be sure your on you desktop,and right click on your wallpaper

2. A little arrangement of optins should pop up. Go to the bottom of it and click 'Personalize'

3. A window should pop up, look at the third option from the bottom and click on it

4. Another window pops up.Look at the top toolbar,you should be on the 'Pointer' section click on the tab that says 'Pointer Properties'

5. There are 3 sections, the last one should say 'visibility' in the first option uncheck the 'Display Pointer Trails' box.