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Are there many older gamers playing W101?

Feb 01, 2011
Let's just say that I'm getting more mature. I'm sure that there are many teen players playing this game as well as children.

Nov 24, 2010
Let's just say old enough to get Social Security and more. Started playing in November 2010 with grandchildren. I now have 3 characters I play with. Planning on one in each school. Best game I have seen with so many educational aspects for children ( old teacher in me). Hope to enjoy it for a long time. Looking forward to more worlds. Have run into a few, very few, rude individuals. Neat to play with people of all ages and from all over. I really admire the creators.

Feb 12, 2012
dutch1146 wrote:
My wife and i recently became great-grand parents. Is that adult enough? :D She and I both play the game, have our own accounts and we bought my wife a new computer for her birthday because of W101. We are giving our mature, adult kids updated computers so we can introduce them to the game.

I would love to have a 'group' of players that are grandparents get together and help each other out. I think it would be fun. Especially when Grizzleheim comes to the live realm. They will have a much better chat section. So if any of your are game, just respond on this board and we can go from there.

i'd love an adult chat group in Grizzelheim. I'm old enough to fit in even if all i have are 'grand cats' :D

Jan 18, 2012
At 38 I play this game with both my kids and my niece and nephew. I love this game compared to teen/adult M.M.O. games like World of Warcraft and Rift. I have to say the kids here are more adult and respectful here than one realm of either of the two previously mentioned games. The shear diversity of how to play "the way you want to play" is satisfaction met here in Wizard 101.

-Devin Dreambreaker lvl 40 death school-
-Seth Green lvl 10 life school-

May 08, 2009
Many older people play this game whether it be with their children, family, or just because its so fun!

Feb 29, 2012

I finally found my bifocals, figured out how to work this contraption the young'uns call a laptop, and was finally able to read this!! Boy am I happy i found this post. So after sitting down and folding up my walker, I kicked off my orthipedic shoes, turned off my hearing aid (so i wouldn't be disturbed), and decided to say hi and introduce myself. Anyways all joking aside I'm an older player too and I love this game specifically because its family friendly (and fun). I don't have any kids of my own but I do have a nephew I would like to show this game to. So see ya'll in the spiral.

Jennifer Frogsong ~ lvl 39 balance/storm

May 14, 2011
Just because there are older people in this game doesn't mean they're bad people. But, I have to agree, people shouldn't be posting their age. :D

Jun 13, 2009
Older players do play this game, some of my best friends are little bit older then me and me myself isnt neccessarly "young"

Oct 25, 2010
8) i am an older playing i have been playing for a while i like the game sometimes some of the younger players will pop in when not invited but most of the people are very nice and will help you if u need help

Apr 24, 2011
Hey guys my son got me into the game and I really love it! Just for the record I work full time and am the mother of six adult children and grandmother of six too though they aren't adult quite yet lol. At this point only one of my children play but hey what is the point of being an adult unless you can be a kid sometimes. At least you know you're doing it! :D

Dec 24, 2011

I'm an adult player with one child who also plays. We love the game as it gives us something in common we can talk about. :D

Mar 18, 2012
I'm in my twenties, closer to thirty. Only started playing last week and absolutely addicted already almost lvl 25 which shows how obsessed I am! I love that older people are playing this; I thought it would all be 13 year olds (although nothing wrong with that) but happy to find out otherwise because I feel like less of a geek then haha. Good to read everyone's posts, if anyone wants to add me in the game I'm Iridian Swiftsong (although don't know myself how to do this) lol. I like doing the quests and will help you out unless I'm in a battle :) Hopefully meet some of you in the game, see ya! :)

Feb 27, 2012
Hey im a older player to and i loveeeeee this game and i have several older "adult" friends in this game...
there are a lot of us runing around in the spiral :D

Mar 17, 2012
Older player with kids. First started a free character here to check it out for my daughter. Then after seeing how great the parental stuff was, now play with her in the Spiral. Have two more boys a bit younger than her, so in a few years maybe they will have mages in training here too.

Apr 16, 2009
Dec 26, 2010
I'm a young adult and I have to say it's pretty cool to have older people playing this game. It's a fun way to pass the time and it has a very good story going on. As long as they keep adding to the game I'll never get bored. I even got my younger sisters playing this game. It's definitely a game for all ages. :)

May 17, 2011
May 05, 2010
I Played Before When Dragonspyre Was the Last World, After Defeating Malistaire, Things Got Boring, Then a Few Monthes After Celestia Came Out, I Decided to Come Back, In Week, Ive Leveled Up From Lv.48 To Lv.70. Im Halfway Through Zafaria And Currently Waiting For the Next Level Cap.

Jul 17, 2010
i been playing the game for awhile now. i am older and a recent cancer survivor. i tribute this game and the awesome people on it to my recovery. :D my hats off to you all :) i even asked my doctor to post wiz 101 hoping it helps others like me :) again KI you have come through again with avalon i am LOVING it :) i am never disappointed! the story line is great and easy to follow. i find wiz 101 relaxing and helping others is a great way to ease what is ailing ya. i am a "toys r us kid" and forever will be :D wiz 101 is great for keeping us all young at heart :) keep up the great work! see you all in the spiral KAYLA

Apr 10, 2010
Congratulations on your surviving cancer! May you continue your adventures through the spiral for a long time to come!

Oct 22, 2011
I'm an older player, definitely grandma age. I started this game back in January of this year, and I'm having a blast with all my wizard characters.

I even got my spouse hooked (hehe).

A lot of people on my friends list call me "mom", because I help when I can, teach them better ways to play the game, and help pick what type of gear would be best for them.

Balance - transcended
Ice - grandmaster
Death - master (spouse's main character, but I help him level up sometimes)
Fire - magus
Myth - initiate
Storm - initiate

Aug 17, 2010
I am a middle aged adult that likes to play everyday. I would get my spouse and daughter to play if they were into gaming but they don't have the patience that i do.

Dec 02, 2011
its a family game for children and adults and really an other age if you like it :-)

May 31, 2009
Retired, kids out of house, I was deleted once by a child. I made the child delete me. Why? Because the childs parents had told them not to be playing games with adults. Being a parent, I knew their concerns. So I told the child to delete me, the child didnt want to delete me because we played really well together.
But in the end, I told the child, Do what your parents ask. The child asked me "No hard feelings?" I said no, none, but it was fun playing together while we did. Today, I dont tell the players I am an adult unless they ask. Instead we just play and enjoy the game.
I support the game and all its security, but I have seen ways someone could get around it. This is why, if you want to delete me, I understand fully.
I since have several adult players I play with. Have spoken to some adults on phone about game and strategy. With my own crowd, the game is still as fun.

Mar 22, 2012
34 years old here :-). I love the fact that in this game no one can swear or call you names. I feel safe and relaxed, without having to cope with the frustration of being tantalized by a 12 years old player trolling on me.
I play mostly to relax after a day of hard work and wizard101 gives me exactly what I want.

P.S.: I would even remove the word "noob" from the vocabulary. I hate it. Why the new generation uses it as an offense? Is it so humiliating to be a "noob"?