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Are there many older gamers playing W101?

Jan 07, 2010
I am an older player. This was my first online game. I am not really a gamer and I don't do very well with strategy type games. I love this game and have since tried other but I end up canceling them cuz I either don't like the way other players treat each other or they just want to use the game as a dating match site. I have a granddaughter(whose dad is a huge gamer, and designs games) that I also set up an account. At her home her parents do not let her on the internet as they do not feel it is safe however, they have given permission for her to play wizard as I showed them the security options. My son-in-law said he hasn't seen many online games with that feature.
I love this game and think the creators did an amazing job providing a game that the whole family can enjoy and have good clean fun.

Sep 20, 2010
I am a teenager and have been playing since it came out, i was one of the first here.

Jun 23, 2011
Hey Guys, just started playing not to long ago looking for some older people to play with, Love this game TONS, I am A level 22 Balance mage.. (29 here BTW)

Please look me up Richard Ravenheart

cannot wait to meet you guys :)

Jun 08, 2011
I have two kids, one almost a teenager, so you know I'm on the "older side" of things. My kids started playing the game and I came home from work and started watching them. Soon I kicked them off so I could try and have been hooked since; play it more then they do even.

What I like the most is doing dungeons with everyone so if you ever need a hand look me up. Wolf IceHammer lvl 21 Ice/life mage.

Feb 07, 2009
i am glad to see that this game is so widely played by us older people.this is a lot of fun and we all get to play together.rock on!!

Sep 16, 2010
I'm also an older player. Love the game very much. I'm so glad that there is a safe place for my daughter to play and have fun. But I do wonder about something on my side of the game. I'm wondering how the older players handle friend requests from others. I don't want to seem unfriendly but I refuse some requests. I normally can be found in Pixie Realm.

Jun 08, 2011
How can we find eachother in the game? With so many differant locations and realms there has to be a way other then by chance. I have been playing in Krockotopia trying to complete it, never notice what realm I'm in. Tend to play for about 15min or so in the morning before work and a bit in the evening.

As for handling friend request I normally decline them unless we start talking during a battle. Have added a couple of people that way

Sep 22, 2010
I'm an older player as well, though still young... let's just say I'm not a teenager anymore, and a few years above that ( Not sure if we're allowed to post our age here). I play other MMORPGs most of the time, but like others have experienced, it can get boring or there's too much drama, and so on. I enjoy W101 because it's simple yet still entertaining. I can relax while playing this game. It's a nice game to go to when I don't feel like playing my other games. I would also love to meet other older folk, such as myself, inside the game. It would be nice to group up and what not. :)

Sep 16, 2010
I have 3 wizards so far that are in Krock.

one is Rebecca Watergiver lvl20 Ice.

Two is Esmee Goldenheart Lvl 24 Fire.

Three is Seth Unicorncaller Lvl 21 Life.

All 3 are played in Pixie Realm. I 'm on the west coast of the U.S. Usually I'm playing at in the evening. I have 3 other wizards also for a total of 6.

Aug 05, 2009
It is perfectly normal to play this game and be an adult. Don't worry.

Dec 20, 2008
The key is this is a wonderful family game. I play with my daughter--grown daughter, my brother and his younger children. Plus I have met other families that play together. The fun part is age does not matter as long as you are having fun.

Feb 06, 2010
Wizard101 attracts younger people and keeps the older people due to the amount of strategy it requires. I'm probably not allowed to say my age, but let's just say i'm very close to being an adult. && I play w101 all the time.

Jun 24, 2011
I'm a older player and definitely a gamer. Looks like this thread is still active so I have an idea to suggest and y'all let me know if you think it could work or if you have a suggestion.

Many posts in this thread are asking how could they connect in the game with the people posting here. It was actually surveymom43's post that gave me the idea.

My idea is two part and based on the belief that once you are friends with someone then it does not matter what realm they are in they will show up in your friends list.

Part One: We pick a realm and unofficially make it the older players realm. Along with a plan B realm in case our first realm is full.

Part Two: We set up a couple dates, times & place for a meet & greet. Then we all add each other as friends and can play together when ever we are online.

If this sounds interesting to anyone then post here and I will do the research to make sure that the friends list works as I believe it does. I'm off to the Pixie realm to see if I can find surveymom43's playing.

BTW - My wizard is Blaze Gem who is a lvl24 Myth. I'm addicted and currently playing in Krokotopia. I have another wizard Saffron Gem who is lvl12 Life, but I am not playing her much right now.

Jul 11, 2011
Well, by the looks of it there are a lot of older gamers still playing Wiz101. I had been a closed beta tester for the game back in the day and our guild who was currently waiting on another game to launch and decided to test this one and most of us liked it! After the games beta phase we left for the other game with some of us still coming back from time to time to play till the game was designed to cut you off on specific places you could go.

About 4 years later Im back and have seen a tremendous amount of improvement this game has went through and I just couldnt help but fall in love with it again! With that said, I too am a much older gamer who is finding it rather hard to find other older players, who may possibly be in adult guilds here. Getting a little lonely playing but fun none the less. It would be nice to hook up with a couple of older players during the week to get a few levels in and quest.

Currently I am a level 22 Life Healer (name: Talon. pet: Taz) in Krokatopia finishing up the Krokasphinx portion. If you are a older player looking to hang out and quest a bit feel free to friend me and lets have some fun!

I generally play every night from 9pm to 11-12am Sat-Sun and on my days off Thurs-Fri from 12 noon to ? if I dont have any other prior engagements

Once again I am very surprised and impressed by what the developing team has done to make Wiz101 not just a game for kids....but kids of ALL ages!

Nov 16, 2009
I would like to comment on this subgect by saying, i am a legendary wizard in game and while i am not an adult i am not a kid either and i find a VERY large adult player base particularly in the higher levels, and many times i find myself prefer talking and interacting with older players rather than younger ones.
So no i would encorage any adult to play this game, even if it seems a bit childish at first.
I would also like to point out that by us having this conversation and by seeing the response it proves that KI has hit their mark, and reached out to all ages in this increadibly fun game.

Dec 14, 2009

I'm over the hill and have been playing for more than a year and a half now.

Steven SkullHammer - Level 60 (Legendary Thaumaturge)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 60 (Legendary Pyromancer)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 60 (Legendary Theurgist)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 58 (Grandmaster Diviner)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 41 (Master Sorcerer)
Steven SkullHammer - Level 39 (Magus Necromancer)

Jun 02, 2011
whoa! i dident know there was alot of old people here i just thunk that there were teenagers and people starting highschool like me! well one more year YAY!!!!! played wizerd101 i know like nick jonas plays wizrd101 because hes there in grizzileheim and hes like 18 i think and selena gomez plays wiziz 101 too becose she was once a visiter in the spiral before i started playing but anyway i think your anser is yes there is older people not seinor tho i mean like how juvenile would that be?!
play wizird 101

May 14, 2011
I'm an older player and I play with my mom and my two sisters who are not teenagers either.

Dec 27, 2009
Older myself. Nothing wrong with older playing game, just remember it's a game. No minimum age required :). Just know how to use a computer.

Jul 14, 2011
I'm 39 and my 5 kids play. I'm an old school MMORPG gamer since the good ol days of the very first Everquest and many more since then! I've played em all basically and usually belong to a raiding guild where the top elitist members of a community are dedicated hard core raiders. But that is such a sad life that I am sad to admit I was part of for a long time. I am glad this game was made just for this age group in mind, and I actually find the fundamentals of this game to be refreshingly simple and easy for even the youngest of kids.

This is a game that is geared specifically for kids, and I even use it as a motivating factor of reward & punishment for my own.

I myself even have found it fun and can easily spend over an hour very quickly playing this.

In all, it's a great game for my kids, and the principle is they enjoy it. This is finally an MMO that I approve of for their play time. Before wizards 101, I have never actually allowed my children to ever play on the computer at all. This is something which they can play and basically understand, where everquest type games never were for the age group this one is targeting and geared for.

It does have some serious flaws in it that I could point out; but that is neither here nor there. One thing that I'd like to point out which is very negative in it's nature, is the fact that I see this game being just as fundamentally based upon the money-driven aspects that all the other gaming companies in the past have failed at with their design and development. As all the others, this company has developed their gaming experience platform upon the same principles, which are money driven motivation.

To me, it's very disappointing to see online gaming being dominated by the greedy motivating expansion packs or whatever it is currently being used to entice gamers to buy with their credit cards and membership accounts.

Take into consideration that a simple MMO cannot rely upon monthly memberships anymore to be great. All the companies out there have now driven their platforms to include weekly this and thats, and ubber achievements that beg for your credit cards. Dynamics are lost, and immersion is no longer exploration or risk vs reward.

The right of passage and title of "earned it", are now replaced with an era of gaming "ubberness" that requires nothing of hard work or strategy. It is all replaced with nothing more then a simple, "please enter your credit card number"!

May 19, 2009
I am a Grandmaster wizard,Death/Life school! I have been playing before grizzleheim came out and i beat allof wizard101 2 times and now i am donwe with wizard101! Just joking i play it all the time But I am Ryan Night!

Apr 12, 2011
Aug 14, 2009
there is a lot of older players playing this game lol. i got reported for saying flock when i meant it as a flock of birds! these people should know if they have 2 meanings! and i know its not part of the subject but thats how people rip you from reporting people if the words have to meanings!.

Alexander Lionsword Lvl 60
Legendary Pyromancer

Feb 15, 2010
I am 21 and I got this game for my daughter, I later found out you can have multiple characters and it seemed like a good way to pass the time at my super boring job. I love this game although I do agree that some of the younger players can be rather rude. Just don't let a few rude kids spoil your fun is my suggestion.

Jun 04, 2011
I'm so happy to see that I'm not by far the only adult, feel free to look for me on the spiral.

Fiona Rainbowgiver level 52 grandmaster theurgest.