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Are there many older gamers playing W101?

Nov 26, 2010
I am a kid, yes but its more of adults once you get farther in the game.

Oct 08, 2010
Resetti123 wrote:
I dunno but I once was wandering through Krok and saw a little message saying: 'BRB my son needs help with something.' So your answer is yes, I guess.

ya i have experienced this many times when i play with friends and dont even notice how old they are until then

Jun 01, 2011
I, too. Started playing this game. Well, after my son. Now I am hooked. I haven't really tired making any friends, due to the fact that it'll make me want to play more!

But, looking forward in meeting parents. LoL!

Jun 04, 2011
I got started playing because I had to check out the game before I'd let my son play. As a player moderator of another MMORPG I know what sometimes goes on in these online games especially in the ones that are supposedly geared towards the younger generation and teens.
I must say I'm very impresses with Kingisle and how they have Wizard 101 set up for the kids. It has enough restrictions and protections for the young kids who play yet not to restrictive to make it unenjoyable for us OLD kids.
I like the game so much once I tried it I handed in my Pmod Crown in that other game and left the drama and filth behind.

So yea .. another OLD kid here ..
Haven't been playing that long only a few months but I'm already hooked.

May 16, 2011
Hello Granma here ;)

This is quite a pleasant game.

I have only been playing a few weeks but can't wait to log in to look after my garden or laugh at all my pets running around my homes. Cyclops is such a show off and Piglet just loves to stare me out. lol

I am Savannah DragonBlade so give me a shout if you see me.

May 09, 2011
Well, I myself am not an old player, since I am just about a kid, but I can definitely say that this game is for ANY age, all you need is a bit of fun, it doesn't give you stress, and it's an awesome MMO, with no violence, and your player has many features, you have many friends to help, and it's a great MMO! It doesn't use a lot of space on your computer like some other MMO's and it's so much fun, there's always something to do on Wizard101! :) W101 FOREVER!

-Mason D. -Level 36 NecroMancer-

May 19, 2011
no i am talking about peaple in there 1+100 playing this game

Jan 24, 2010
Necromancia wrote:
I wish we could sport some kind of parental badge

Oh, oh! I want one!!!


Dec 31, 2008
CinnamonSpider wrote:
My fiance makes fun of me for playing "kid stuff" as well. Basically, I don't like other MMO's. They're boring and basically all the same. This one is much more unique.

What do you consider an older player? I'm still young, but no longer a teenager. I assumed most players were probably adults, anyway... at least in the pay areas.
wait no i'm a level 60 myth player and i'm a kid and your point is...?

Jun 19, 2011
I am an older player - I browsed the images on this web site, read some players' experiences and then...I took the plunge - needless to say, I think it's a great game! :)

I couldn't stop laughing when I began to play because the game is so different to anything I've played before, - the animations, the voices, the combat and the cool drops and spells and equipment you get.

I'm already Level 5 :D and it took me a couple of days to figure out how to use the spell book.

I like how chat is filtered, I like the emotes and the general feel of the game, the idea of getting mounts is cool.

It would be interesting to see the percentage of people who play by age range.

Sep 15, 2010
Don't feel like you are the only one :-) My husband and I both play online games as does my Mother who is now a grandma in her own right. Never feel ashamed of it either. I've met a lot of younger players in some other games and after making friends with them have helped them in many ways. I remember one boy who was so excited he was about to take his drivers test came online and asked his guild for tips (this was obviously another online game lol). Well many of us gave suggestions and tips loaded with how-to's. The next day he came on and thanked us telling us all about it. Now 4 years later he's all grown up and still contacts us (he calls us his home away from home aunts and uncles).

Therefore, its never bad to be "older" and play! You never know when you might help out a youngling and teach them something new.

With this game however, and the wonderfull chat filter (my son is now starting to play and I'm still very uncomfortable with the online chatting, except for here where I can just shut it off for him) Its hard to find out ages (thankfully lol). However, like my mom says "some of these games keep you feeling young!"

I say; Keep playing! Reguardless of age!

Jun 15, 2009
Jul 06, 2009
LaadyX wrote:
I just started playing this game a few days ago and I must say, I was rather impressed. I just got the feeling that whoever was behind its creation had taken great care when working it.

I'm feeling sort of bad at the moment, though. Since we're not allowed to post ages, let's just say I'm not a little kid anymore. I asked my boyfriend if he thought I was being too kiddish and he said "a little" but that it was no big deal and that he wanted me to have fun and not have to worry about drama. Because before I started playing W101, I played another online game that has been full of drama lately. People are constantly KSing you (kill stealing which is where you purposely run off and attack something someone else is already working on killing which can mean them losing credit for the kill in the end) , even higher levels (we're talking people in their's 80's and 90's, it's nuts), and you're always getting called names and people can just be really rude in-game. Unfortunately, the reporting system is more complicated than it should be and the reports seem to be largely ignored and the rules are almost never enforced unless one involving money is broken. It's stressful and games weren't meant to be stressful, they were meant to be fun and help relieve stress.

I like this environment but I guess I'm just wondering how normal it is to be playing this game as an older individual. Please don't post any ages though as it would seem that is not allowed. :)

Well i guess we are not alone with being 'older' giggles and i love this game very much so.

May 23, 2009
Although I am thrilled to see many people play, I have to say one thing. I have wizards ask and I quote "Any free guys?". Umm, thats just weird. Any one Agree?

Sep 08, 2009
Feb 13, 2011
I'm one of the older guys. Not "old" per say, but I'm no kid anymore.

I will admit, I was skeptical of the game at first. In fact at first I swore I'd never buy a single thing from the game at all. However, I finally caved in and bought a membership. I gotta say, I'm impressed. I just renewed my membership too LOL.

-Christopher Dragonshade, Master Pyromancer

May 25, 2009
Jun 21, 2009
Dec 24, 2009
Scarlet Deathflame... I'm 39 years old and yes many people playing Wizard101 are older. I set and watch other players talk in the commons area mostly in the Wu Realm and wonder if many of these players are adults. Some of the things that are said are disturbing even if the are adults.

Mar 15, 2009
Me and my dad plays it. It is more fun like that anyway. Expesialy with the filtered chat.

Aug 10, 2010
LOL, Older person here also. I have played other online games and had the same problem as the original poster. I love the fact that I can come here and do quests with out any hassle at all. No matter what it's not the number of years you are it's how young you....play the game!

May 21, 2011
I am a MMO veteran and parent playing here from japan for many different reasons.

1.its one of the few chances i get daily to speak my native tongue as i am an expat living here
2.I love how upbeat and positive my experience is playing W101. Being a veteran of MMOs (and i mean i have played ALOT) I have to say the system W101 has going is of the highest quality when it comes to moderation and keeping things clean and drama free. its incredibly refreshing imho.
3.My son will soon be old enough to play MMOs which are most definitely the wave of future social interaction and gaming in general. Perhaps even one day being the most popular selection of online networking and communication. what better way to bring him into this revolution than to already have experience with the medium in order assist him. On top of it I am 100 percent assured it is a clean and safe environment.

May 14, 2011
Jan 16, 2011
Apr 01, 2011