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Are there many older gamers playing W101?

May 26, 2010
well lets just say i am in elemantry school. i saw many older people in the game like 52 and 43 and 60.

Jordan OwlSinger Master Pyromancer DS motto: I sing to the owls at night!

Jun 07, 2010
Hey Fellow Adult Wiz's , Im 29 just started playing last week like others here i came to the game after watching my 5 yr old play over my shoulder while i was on WoW raiding . I decided to take a break and give it a try....WOAH this is fun i blew throught wizard city and became a suscriber next day. Now i gotta pony up and suscribe on my daughters acct she keeps saying daddy i need to go the new lands your on. Anyways Gracie Mistbringer im normally on Pixie feel free to add me id love some more adults to run with.

Oct 03, 2009
Older player here. I'd like to meet some other older players to add to friends list, tackle challenges, and hang with. Feel free to look me up and send a tell.

Isaiah Mythwhisper

(Currently a lv50 Ice Wizard...ya, I know the name is misleading. lol) 8)

Jan 20, 2011
I am an older player that can vote and drink. But I agree that this is a very cute game that is fun to play. In fact it is rather addictive.

Jan 17, 2011
OK, my daughter got me hooked. Am I just late to the game? Still lower level player (lvl 15), and can't seem to find older (not lvl, age) players. Been having lots of lower players friend me, but don't have a clue as to whether players are adults or kids. Seems a lot of higher players (lvl wise) hang out in cliques, and call us just starting out Noobs. I still have lots of questions while playing the game. I have only had 1 higher lvl player (lvl43), friend me. One of my problems is I have yet to figure out how to use the yellow cards. I haven't used one once yet. I would like to trade "stuff" not just the yellow cards. The kids tend to be in a hurry, so it would be nice to know if I'm talking to an adult, or not. Us older adults don't tend to be in such a hurry and are willing to answer stupid questions. I have made it to Kroc finally, but still need to do the dungeon in Wizard city. It says it goes faster with friends. I don't really have any that can help me. I haven't updated the daughters account yet, so even she can't help me. I'm loving this game, but still learning. I had to laugh at myself. Someone asked me what my second school was, and didn't have an answer. I went and started another player thinking that was it. But finally found out that was wrong. Oh well. If any of you decide to come to my rescue, I'm Robert Dragonrider lvl 15 right now. Got the name from the "Dragon Riders of Pern". Loved the series, and the game reminds me a little of it.

Jun 16, 2009
I've been playing for over a year. I'm a totally addicted adult. My kids play to, though I'm on way more than them. Sometimes I make them help me fight the hard to beat bosses. " kids its help me or do your homework" they always pick helping me.

Jan 07, 2011
:D im a grandfather of ten . I love the game especially since most my grangkids play and we can have fun together even if not in same house.

Oct 23, 2009
Most of the time you can tell what age range someone is in from their playing style. Also if they talk to you how they type, i wouldn't say i'm older but more a young adult.
Seth RavenBlood
Grand Masternecromancer.

Jun 03, 2010
yes i have a lot of friends most older but i am old in my 40s

Sep 08, 2008
Hello :)
I am an *ancient* player. I feel like I should almost be embarrassed. But I love this game.
The fact that the chat is so strictly moderated, and gameplay so casual and fantastic, makes me come back to play this game again and time again. I will play this game once I am mere minutes away from pushing up daisies.
This game does not single out "unlucky" players, those unfortunate in not finding big guilds and groups that miss out on all the best stuff there is in other games. This game does not have a player controlled auction house, where upgrades will cost you half your head in hairs due to the time it would take to come up with that kind of currency.
I feel like I can leave it all behind and simply be me and my pretend wizard, and know that I can reach full potential in this game because in the end, nothing is made to where something will simply never be out of my reach.
I again will thank KingsIsle for making and controlling such a fantastic game. I am thoroughly impressed with the colorful, stratetic simplicity of this game that makes my young soul happy inside to play this game. The fact that wizards/sorcerors/spells are an active part of my everyday imagination and fantasy makes this game even better.

Feb 02, 2011
Another older player here, so don't feel alone. How old? Let's just say that I remember the golden age of the video arcade in the US. I suffered from an acute case of Pac Man Fever. Still haven't recovered.

Apr 10, 2010
I am so happy to see that there are so many of us "older" players in this game! I got my (slightly) older sister playing too. along with my adult son.

There are younger players out there who think we're weird because we happen to be adults and enjoy playing this game. I've had one or two tell me just that. I usually tell them I may be growing older, but I don't have to act like the grandmom that I am. I'm just allowing my inner child to have the upper hand!

I, too, have had other players ask if I'd "be their girlfriend." I tell them I'm an adult, and grandmother and a few have run away! LOL

Cassandra Lionhunter Legendary/Myth
Iridian Shade Grandmaster/Death
Rowan Summerblossom Grandmaster/Life

Feb 24, 2009
If you are in the game and want to figure out, the one with the crossed out bubble they are usually 12 or younger, if they have a bubble, they are 13+ usually. If they have nothing beside their name, they usually are 18+. People could lie their age, hmm... i wonder if i have added anyone that lied their age now

Aug 28, 2010
hey quicksilver6969, i would be more than happy to help guide you along your travels through the sprial. yes i am an old player too, lol, love it, my wizard name is Dustin Starwalker. look me up i usually am in krokotopia, farming away, and helping other wizards. i try to be in a busy realm. makes it easier to help others out. any ways, look me up and i will add you. till then have fun and good luck

Sep 23, 2010
Let's just say I'm an ex WoW player, a grandfather and old enough (but not rich enough) to retire. :D

Sep 24, 2010
36 years old here! I turn off the text chat to avoid any of the drama as well.

Oct 25, 2010
:-) I too am an older player, much older! I love the game, and have found several folks online that are not, shall we say, youngsters!

Seems everyone of us enjoy the game, and that's the whole story in a nutshell.

Keep playing if you enjoy, who is to know. And so what if they do! We have enough stress and such in our lives; it's time to relax and enjoy!

Nov 20, 2010
I am a younger player, but one of my teachers is a very active W101 player. It seems perfectley normal.

Rachel RavenTalon, Level 34 Myth

Jan 17, 2011
akwolf1434 wrote:
hey quicksilver6969, i would be more than happy to help guide you along your travels through the sprial. yes i am an old player too, lol, love it, my wizard name is Dustin Starwalker. look me up i usually am in krokotopia, farming away, and helping other wizards. i try to be in a busy realm. makes it easier to help others out. any ways, look me up and i will add you. till then have fun and good luck
Will definitely be looking for ya. Btw, you know there is a meeting place. Pixie Realm, evening time, Unicorn Way,Unicorn Statue. For both helpers and helpees.

Feb 26, 2010
Hello Scarlet Stormeyes here lvl 60 fire wizard...I have met many an "older" child playing. I personally love this game. I am coming down the side of the hill..lol older players will understand this. Playing with younger players has it's challenges, but also has it's rewards. I love the strategy of the game. I am disabled and have met many other players that are also, I have even had a chance to teach a couple youngins some manners and they are still on my friends lists...lol so here is the challenge to my older player friends...be an example of manners and strength you never know you just might cheer someone up that really needs it..that has been my experience anyway...see all my friends in PVP! Oh one more note stop complaining about pvp. If you lose, look for shields, armour, pets, traps or morphs that will enhance your chances of winning. Isnt that what the game is all about? I have played thousands really thousands, of pvp games and am at a sergeant lvl. Not because my brain is small i assure you, I use all that is available to me in the game to boost my chances of winning. I have made it to commander twice that is as far as i can get right now. If every one got to be warlord all the time it would be boring dont ya think..the only gripe i have with the game is the money i spent for a sub and the game is down for maint. all the time, that i dont like and would like to be reinburshed for the days of play i missed out on when you were down. xoxoxo Scar out...

Feb 14, 2009
I'm and older player. Helped beta test Ultima and Sierra's The Relm for Frell's sake. Played the original box set of D&D the year it came out, when I was in single digits, if that does not date me, I don't know what will. lol

Jul 18, 2010
UO for the win. I to am a older player my wife and i both play and make are kids watch use lol i been gaming seen's meridian 59 when i pays 2.75 a hour to play a mmo thous there the glory days lol.

Jun 18, 2010
i a kid but allot of my friends are adults most kids thou i end up haveing really good older friends expecilly when i find out afte awhile :-) :D xD LOL
there fun xd

May 03, 2009
It is not unusual. Many people are "older" and it is a game for all ages. No matter how old or young you are and just to say: you should NEVER feel foolish for playing this type of game. And it is alright. And just to be funny an answer the question even though i alrdy answered it, there are lots of "older" peoples in the game. :-) :) :D : D

Mar 22, 2010
I have a little guy who thought it looked really cool after seeing a commercial on t.v. Since he was young enough not to be able to read when he started playing, I had to help him. I got hooked! Love it! I've tried othert online games but didn't like all of the rude players and adult conversations. If I wanted to chat I would go to a chat room, and no I don't want to see pictures or go to your website! It made the game not fun. I love this gasme and was sad it was not voted the number one game for 2010 like it was is 2009. :( Better luck next year! :)