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Are there many older gamers playing W101?

Dec 27, 2008
It looks like there are quite a few of us adult wizards. I wish we had a badge that said that.

I got hooked on the game almost at it's inception, checking it out to see if it was safe for my kids to play. Very glad they came up with open chat, it makes picking adults out of the pot, easier.

Oct 19, 2008
i'm older and love this game. i love it so much i got my wife and 2 kids playin it

Aug 16, 2008
Hi iam kind of new in this forum. But i am allmost 40 years old. Is that old enought to post here ? .
But anyhow ive played the wizard101 beta then started again last month. I wus very surprize about the game at first and still am now.

But the best surpize wus that my account wus not touch and ive receved the super hybrid pionneer dragon whit starz on it. Her name is Miss sugar and she soo sheet.

Thanks you and keep up the goodwork.

Ps: Can we mixt 2 beta ancien pionneer dragon to make a beter one?
(kinda of scared of doing it)

I play on many server but specailly Wu some of my OLDER irl friend plays there has well.

see you all in game

Keyla and Miss Surgar

Jul 04, 2010
so, im not old (though my old tstc class mates said i was old ) but im young compared to some of my co-workers.

Jan 30, 2010
yes older player here and first timer to this kind of game
and i just love it. Shelby Raindreamer lvl41

May 03, 2009
I am a Teen player and Know of several "older" players. there is nothing to feel ashamed or embarassed about. All that counts is whether you enjoy it or not! KEEP ON PLAYING!!!! :-)

Jul 18, 2010
I am an older Player :) lol this has totally made me miss old school pen and paper days of Ad & d it is nice to see other adults out here i am un sure if we are allowed to exchange usernames but i love to find other adults to game with :)

Jun 09, 2009
I'm an "older gamer" I suppose, and whats even more fun is my Mother plays with me XD

May 31, 2009
Yo i'm also a teen player and you wouldnt believe how many older players are in this game i've seen more older players recently than young but its nothing to be embarrassed about its how you play the game and if you run into an older player who calls you a kid just tell yourself "why should i care what other people think its just a game" :)

Chase Stormsword
Grandmaster Diviner
Aedan Dawnglade
Grandmaster Theurgist

Jul 12, 2010
I am a thirtysomething player, both of my kids and I love playing this game, so if there are any other adult players in here feel free to add me. And if you have kids or grandkids etc playing the game, feel free to add them if you like.

Scarlet DreamGem-Storm School
Luke GreenCatcher-Myth School
James Battlewalker-Ice School

Jul 12, 2010
cealwutka wrote:
I have learned a lot from younger players in the game. :) Sometimes they figure things out faster than their grandparents.

Lots of teens like to play and chat with adults. I find this in real life (I spend a lot of time with teens) as well as in the game.

I have also had a couple remove me from their friends' list when they found I was a grandmother and they couldn't "date" me.

LOL, that's funny, i know exactly what you mean, alot of times my kids and I will help each other out in battles, and some of the other kid players will be like 'man shes cool, wanna be my girl' and ill laugh and just say, i'm a mom, and they will run away,lol.

I'll check out that pixie realm to, maybe ill find some more adults to chat with.

Scarlet DreamGem

Dec 06, 2009
I'm an older player who got turned onto this game by a couple who I play Dungeons and Dragons with (we still do). My primary character is waiting for Celestia to come online, so I am playing a couple of other characters.

Liam Rubysmith (level 50 Pyromancer)
Duncan Swiftblade (level 39 Theurgist)
Aedan Thunderrunner (level 13 Diviner)
Keelan Starshield (level 14 Conjurer)

Aug 15, 2010
I'm in my early 40's! I love Wizard101 !! I started playing the free version just over a year ago. My roommates saw me and shouted, "Why are you playing that children's game?" I replied that it's full of challenging quests! It really makes you think! Unfortunately, I decided to listen to him, and stopped playing.
Two weeks ago, the same roommate comes to me telling me of this really fun and exciting game online that we should join! He was almost out of breath explaining all of the features he had heard about...then, he said the name! When I told him that was the one he told me to stop playing I wanted to yell at him to let him know I could be a very high level right now! He admitted how wrong he was for having me stop and not giving it a chance. There are four of us playing now as friends, all in our 30's and 40's. Who needs WoW??

Mar 08, 2009
There are many older players. All of my many friends are adults. We have played for over two years and plan to play longer. I am retired mom with grown kids. I am grandmaster and welcome all new adult players.

Jun 07, 2010
i am twenty eight and my girlfriend is twenty three we love the Wiz as a matter of fact it has brought us closer by giving us common ground and no you are not being to kiddish lol

Aug 21, 2010
Lady Oriel wrote:
It was very fun to read everyone's story. If you don't mind, I would like to ask everyone a few questions --

1. Do you consider yourself a gamer, casual gamer, or neither?
2. How did you hear about Wizard101? (friend/family, TV, article, etc.)
3. If you were to give us advice on how to reach other players like yourself, how should we do it? And what should we say?

If you feel more comfortable emailing rather than posting, you can do that too. Just send your reply to community@wizard101.com.

Thank you!

1 - I consider myself a hard core gamer, honestly. I've been playing video games since Intellivison http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellivision for those who don't k now about it. I had one when i was a youngin, and have had a TON of console's since then. In 1997 i evolved into an online gamer with the release of Ultima Online. I'll be a gamer for life!

2 - I believe i heard something about it on facebook and went from there.

3 - If your actually willing to take suggestions, i'd be WAY MORE THAN HAPPY to provide umpteen suggestions. Facebook and twitter of course are the staples at the moment for online marketing exposure.

- Since you already have cards that can be bought at different stores, maybe see about dropping a tiny bit more into advertising at some of those stores. See if you can get an exclusive contract with a specific chain of stores which might help in your costs to display larger advert's with visual appeal leading to a website URL that can easily be written down (nothing too long) for additional information. Or maybe with a tear off card so they can bring it with them. Target or Walmart would be great starter choices. 7-11's or what not.

- As for Mailers, that tends to be a bit hefty on costs. Plus, it can be a bit intrusive, and people tend to shy away from pushy sales tactics. I know this being an X-sales man of Kirby vacuum cleaners and Cutco Cutlery. In all honesty i would stick with online marketing since your target audience is inside your product deployment area.

- Try getting stories or information out to major internet information providers such as msn to push more exposure. Im not sure where you already advertise, but the MSN home page is a main attraction for many online users. Or even yahoo, or others. Google Adwords, if your not already using it, is an invaluable tool online to get your ad's seen.

- What should you say? One of my pet peeves when it comes to marketing, is false advertising. I think many people nowadays are starting to look for more honest advertisements. Try to not overplay any success you already have, as it just seems like sugar coating to the viewer. Touting ACTUAL player numbers in part of your advertisement would help let people know what kind of community they're getting themselves into. Playing on the fantasy of being a "Wizard" is beneficial as it was part of the reason i glanced at the information to begin with.

Maybe something like

"In a city under siege, You, an initiate Wizard ready to prove yourself, may be the only thing standing between Justice and total destruction of this world as we know it! Do you have what it takes to command the elements of your school of wizardry in an effort to stop a devious opponents master plan to bring Wizard City to its knee's? Play Wizards 101, a great MMORPG with (insert number here) players on (however many) servers, and stake your claim in the fight to stop Malistaire and his minions from taking over! You are the chosen one, Young Wizard! Come prove yourself! We'll be waiting"

Yeh, thats kind of long, and drawn out. But im sure you can capture the idea of what im saying.

Aug 06, 2010
Me, too!
I was looking for a game for the grandkids to play when they visit, now I'm hooked! I like it because it can be enjoyed by the early readers as well as the "mid-sized models". (Not to mention us oldsters)

Jul 08, 2010
Hello everyone. I'm an older player (30 to be exact) I been playing this game for almost 2 months now an i must say it's very appealing and very addictive. I must say for a family game i am very impressed on how they monitor servers and monitor the chat filters. I've been playing MMO's for a very long time and I will honestly say I like this one because you can actually enjoy a conversation with someone without all the profanity and sexual gestures. Not to mention you can also party up and just kick back and relax without having to watch out for someone else to just come along an kill you. The game play and story line is very appealing and very detailed, giving you the willingness to want to see what will happen next in the story line.

Jan 12, 2010
Old wizard here, with grand children who love to play too

Sep 01, 2009
Older player here! There are a lot of "Wizard Moms" as we call ourselves, and you can usually tell who is who by the time of day we play. Have fun! Erin Dawn Weaver, Grand Master Life, Erin Myth Cloud, level 24 (25 soon!) Myth :D

Dec 21, 2009
i turned 50 in august im disable, :D i guess im doing what most kids dream about lol. no responsability and lots of gaming!

Dec 28, 2008
hi i am one of those older gamers that play this game. I love this game its a nice game to take my mind off thing. I love working on the homes its the first game that have found that you could do that its cool. I love the pets i just wish they would battle the monster too. So i do not feel bad at any time playing this game lol... Yall have a good time in Dragon Spairl..

Mar 21, 2009
I am definitely one of the old gamers - 54 to be exact - I to have played some MMORPG's mainly WOW and a little Guild Wars, I do like the game and many of the players I have met online. I don't really like the attempts that King's Isle is constantly employing to get more and more and more money from players - they don't seem to have sense enough to realize that such things can cause strife in families as in kids begging for money to buy mounts with and parents being reluctant to spend more than the subscription fee- I guess they don't realize that if they kids complain too much we parents may simply cancel the game. I understand the greed mentality is cropping up in EverQuest 2 now with their new "free" service - ah well Wiz101 is still fun (except everyone is tired of waiting for Celestia)

Jul 25, 2009
slewme wrote:

Another old guy here, kids are out of the house semi retired and i love this game. Old time D&D player and been playing mudds before any of these morp's came out but i find that there are several of us out there and only a few rude people but they are mainly in PvP trying to get you riled to make a mistake.
Old Folks Unite,
Angle Bane-Grandmaster Storm
:?love to be able to join adult club Wisened Wizards but have tried several times with no success, Yay adult gamers! I would so love to be in that club to get to know you :(
I have Grands and love the game. Rock on all you adults, I hear Wizened Wizards is just what we are looking for :D

Apr 20, 2010
It makes me so glad to see that I am not the only one! My husband and I both play, and we do not have kids ha ha! We thoroughly enjoy playing, although once we got to Lvl 50 we were sort of disappointed it was already over. We started another character though so we are loving the new challenges with a new school!

Moira Dragonsong
Grandmaster Theurgist