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Are there many older gamers playing W101?

Sep 03, 2009
I'm an adult, assuming that is what you mean by older player

Dec 24, 2008
Great topic and yes i'm a bit older than the norm here as well. I saw the game on Nick with my little girl and decided to give it a try.

Now i'm a bit hooked :D

May 09, 2009
Hi There,
I'm a Grandma aged Grandmaster and I love this game. I get such a kick out of the youngsters talking about their girlfriends/boyfriends, etc. And unless I let them know I'm older, they would have no idea. I was invited to one of my friend's castles the other day for a party and all they talked about was school and their teachers. I'm an old DOS lady and have been working and playing on computers for many years. I have played hundreds of games both online and offline, multi-player and by myself. Wizard101 is the very best of all!

Sarai Dreamgiver
Lvl 50
Grandmaster Pyromancer/Necromancer

Oct 11, 2009
I'm "older" too, in my twenties still though, so perhaps young compared to some players...

I love the pretty 3D graphics and the quests! I hate farming or killing stuff at random to level up, but I love the stories and all the quests! So many and so far it's so "easy" to level up! <33

Oct 07, 2009

43 years old here.
Ive been playing MMo's for around 10 years now.I cut my teeth with Eq right after the first expansion.It's been awhile sence I've played online but i find W101 very refreshing from whats been out in the past.I have seen some in here think about free realms.Word to the wise.I've dealt with soe to much to know that they could care less about customers.I hope to see this game grow and look forward to seeing more of the game.

Apr 01, 2009
yes older here
have fun playing been playing these kinda games for years

Jul 02, 2009
Aug 09, 2009

Hey everyone :-) ,

Older player here is well. I am 32 and was hooked on the game as soon as my daughter started me playing with her. I have never been big on computer games as since i was a kid I always had home video game systems but this has been a great pleasure playing this game.

Luis LegendHeart - Grandmaster storm
Elijah LifeHeart - Lvl 45 life

Oct 20, 2009
I guess I'm old... 27. I don't care if a game is 'cute' or whatever, as long as it's fun. I don't take myself so seriously that I get embarrassed over it.

May 13, 2009
Hi :)

"Older" ahem player here too. My husband thinks I',m just a BIG kid but
love this game! Have made a few really Great friends and am having the BEST time! Good Job KI You rock!

Iridian DragonRider
Grandmaster Life

Jul 11, 2009
I think there are so many other older players out there, too. Oh yeah and the "older" people don't post their ages. It's mostly the teenagers that say bad words too. Here are the absolute WORST players and why: (and by worst i mean bad like say bad words and making fun of people)

Masters and Grandmasters: Calling people weak and noobs

Young Wizards: Inexperienced and don't know how much fun it is without saying bad stuff and to be boyfriend and girfriend. :?

Teenagers: Saying bad words (by bad, I mean BAD like cussing) and asking to be boyfriend and girlfriend

Please ban stuff like this! Like the word "noob" or just stuff that is generally bad. Like posting ages. Or asking to be "boyfriend and girlfriend". It's somehow bothering to me, and I know it is to other people too. Please continue to report people saying BAD words. :D It will spread peace among the rest of Wizard101! (I think I am being overly-dramatic now :D)

->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->-> Owlgirl8000 :D

May 27, 2009
Here are the absolute WORST players and why: (and by worst i mean bad like say bad words and making fun of people)

Masters and Grandmasters: Calling people weak and noobs

Not all of us Grandmasters are like that. I have never called anyone a noob. And although I may not add a very low level person to my grandmaster friends list I have often made a point of putting some people on one of my characters that is at there level in case they needed help.

And I also agree that the "will you be my girl thing" (or boy) can be very annoying, I find you don't hear it very often if you avoid hanging out in the commons or ravenwood.

As far as posting my age, this will probably be the last year I do that, lol.

Jessica Bearheart- Grandmaster Ice

Mar 01, 2009

I am an older player on Wizard.....or I should say I was. I started playing with my Grandson and got hooked. Also brought my adult Son on board.

Then it happened, the dreaded level 50! Game finished! We continued to "hang around", to buy houses and furnish them and help other players. But there was no more challenges, no more quests and not more leveling.

I made the decision this month to cancel my subscription and move on to a more challenging and adult game! WOW....what a change.

Wizard is great for families, love the way it is put together....but they need to bring it up to date and beyond for the level 50 players which is growing everyday!

Thanks for the fun while it lasted...see you older players in WOW.

Oct 03, 2009
60+ here and got introduced to the game by my 50 year-old sister who plays it... it's the main thing that's keeping us both sane right now...

Autumn Jadeheart (aka Pat R.)

Nov 04, 2009
I also have a few years on my back, but I love this game. It's what a game ought to be: FUN!

Jun 30, 2009
I play, because all the other games have bad quality. I've met so many people on here that are like my family, Wizard101 is a fun game but i wish they would try and accept some of our ideas.I've read some really good ideas and KingsIsle should really look into it...

Oct 29, 2009
Older player here too. When I started playing, my initial thought was: "This. Game. Is. Adorable!" and then as I kept going, I realized it was a well thought out game with some real long term play appeal.

Well done to those who worked on it!

Sep 16, 2009
Yes i am deffinately a older played i played runescape and world of warcraft for about fifth years from when i was 13 i am 18 now and i started up playing this game and it is so much more fun then either one of them games have been. Its much easier to level and it feels like you accomplish so much more in this game then any of them. And if you wanna check my gamer tag in runescape its 1xmagicianx1 (99 magic) (and this game is 50 times better then any of the other games i have played) its cost amazes me because the more accounts your have on wizard 101 the cheaper memberships get along with the ammount of crowns you buy. Most other games dont even give you options like that i love it so much. I am also a very experienced gamer and even the most experienced gamers can have fun with this so if this does not answer the question i dont know what will :)

<3 wizard 101 4 life (xbalancemagicx level 36 balance) soon to be 50 along with my main (1xmagicianx1 level 50 ice grandmaster) ^_^

Dec 12, 2008
I am a mom, my kids and I play but I have to admit I play more than they do. :) There are lots of my friends online who are adults. Look at their name and most of us have taken the restricted chat off which you can tell by no chat bubble by our name of any kind. If you want that chat restriction off just go to your account page and turn off that censored chat. :) Then you can see numbers and regular real words. :D

May 09, 2009
Dec 29, 2008
I have found that there are more 'older' player here than you might think. I have teenage kids who play with me. My son and I were farming bosses the other night with a mother and daughter team. It was the most fun we have had online in a long time.

Aug 08, 2009
:D Just call me Grandma too! I've also played other online games filled with so much drama you couldn't enjoy the game anymore. I've found just what I've been looking for in an online game with Wizard101. The quests are fun and the humor of the npcs brings so much to the game. Keep up the great work Wiz team! I can't wait to see what the Christmas season brings to the game.
~Angela SummerCloud

Jun 30, 2009
For the person worried about the age factor: You are only as young as you feel.

While you might be worried over the issue of age, if you enjoy doing this and as you are capable of advancing, I would not get hung up over the age of players.

Timothy Pearlflower
Ice Wizard Level 40
Pushing 40

Feb 15, 2009
Mar 15, 2009
My family loves playing this game and the ages range from 16 to 77... with the majority of the players being in their 40's and 50's. So yes... I am an older player, as are my sisters and brother-inlaw! I hope to see more levels, more challenges and I can't wait for the holiday season to see what the creators will come up with.

Haley Goldenheart
Level 50