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Are there many older gamers playing W101?

Aug 12, 2009
LadyOriel wrote:

1. Do you consider yourself a gamer, casual gamer, or neither?
2. How did you hear about Wizard101? (friend/family, TV, article, etc.)
3. If you were to give us advice on how to reach other players like yourself, how should we do it? And what should we say?
If you feel more comfortable emailing rather than posting, you can do that too. Just send your reply to community@wizard101.com.
Thank you!

1> I am a Gamer. I play RPGs in Marathon format. I've been gaming since I was 2, and I'm currently a Quarter-Century old (aging another year on Oct. 30). I started my gaming off with Action & RPG games such as "Super Mario Bros.", "Rygar" and "Final Fantasy" on the NES, although we also had an Atari 2600. I have been avoiding MMOs because I despise the Kill-Steal and PVP Mentality.

2> I was seeing Commercials, and my Little Sister (she's under 10) was playing it, and was so majorly hyped up about the game that I decided I would check it out. Lets just say she is still unsubscribed and hasn't been on in a while due to attitude she's caught with our parents while I have a Subscription, and am currently buying Giftcards for Special Pets and crowns for my characters.

3> Maybe take an advertisment up in Game Informer magazine, PC Gamer, and things like that.
"Tired of Kill-Stealing? In this game, you get Experience based upon your actions in battle and completion of quests! Explore worlds with a wide variety of characters, and vast array of enemies. Are you Wizard enough to save the Spiral from the evils of Malistare?"

There are ways that older people without "Open Chat" can figure out how to explain how old they are, and what not.

I've got three characters I'm working on.
Valerian Dragonpyre, Magus Pyromancer (Level 33), Secondary Death
Morgrim Skullweilder, Necromancer (Level 12), Secondary Life
Llewella Griffinsinger, Novice Balance (Level 2), Undecided Secondary

If you encounter any of these, I'm willing to assist in the game, and if you are interested in assistance, just ask!

Johnist Vas-Wizardly (Online Handle)
Quarter-Centenial old Gamer.

PS - I would recommend to King Isle Entertainment to add "Mount" Gift Cards with special features to the Gift Card racks. Special Features could include but are not limited to:
Being able to utilize 2 decks at the same time (Yeah, more spells!)
Bonus Cards for your decks from your Mounts
Extra HP/MP
Extra Gold from battles
Extra Experience from Battles
No-Mana-Loss Fleeing
No-Mana-Cost Marking
Health/Mana Regeneration in areas with battles (but not DURING Battle)
Bonus Potions
Extra Pips in Battle
Extra Power Pips Percentage
Extra Resistance
Extra Attack Boost
Extra Accuracy
Double Reagent harvests

Just some ideas you might wanna run through ;) Feel free to use any and all of them.

Jul 14, 2009
Im have to admit im a older wizard also. IM a grandmaster and have won the game.

Oct 19, 2008
i'm an older player. i heared of this game because i was looking up cool online games for my friend and i was nothing into computer games untill i saw wizard101. i thought it would be bad because i thought it would have witch craft untill i tryed it out and i became in love with it! then i told him about it and we both love this game! we both want to donate money! this is an awesome websight. if you change to another websight and fall in love with it then forget you!

Jun 06, 2009
It is perfectly normal. I too happen to be an older indivdual. I came to check out this came because I thought it would be fum and I could take a break for being a GM (Game Master) or Everquest 2. I have found that being an older individual has its advantages.

Oct 01, 2009
Also an older player. Game is very colorful and fun. Wish there was a way to find out who the older people in game were and connect with them though. Sometimes the childish gibberish that is being thrown around can be a little frustrating :). Overall GOOD GAME and very creative.

helldiver wrote:

There's a lot about Wizard 101 that could use improvement. I think if there was a way to give the developers feedback and if they'd take some of it into consideration Wizard 101 could become a great game.

We have lerned through the ages that good and great ideas come from all corners of the spiral; from wizards young and old, beginners and Grandmasters, boys and girls of all schools.

Let us hear your ideas.
Let's make this spiral a perfect one.

The Wise one.
Brahm Wraith
Grandmaster - Life

Sep 25, 2009
I am an older player and my fiance is going to start his account tonight! There is nothing childish about liking games. Games are for everybody young and old!

Jun 06, 2009
yes it is totally normal. i am not that old... well lets just say im a teen, and there are MANY older people that play this. for ex. my mom plays... :D

Apr 18, 2009
you're definitely not alone. most "child" internet games are really for those of us who don't want to play one-players or pay 50-60 dollars just to get access.
glad to know i'm not alone.

Sep 13, 2009
I am older and find the game to be refreshing and interesting. I'm old enough to have grown up with Pong, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. I've always played games but never have been a big online gamer due to the "drama" you tend to see amongst young and older players alike. Very good system here of keeping rudeness and negative behavior at bay. Great experience for the entire family where you don't have to worry about others with no respect for your beliefs influencing your children. Kudos to the staff

Mar 01, 2009
I'm an older player as well . I love the game; I have 2 grandmasters so far and one at lvl 32. :D

Mar 21, 2009
I too am an older player and I have been touting this game not only to my friends but to their teenage children as well. I really like this game even though my husband thinks that my spending all day on Saturday playing is a bit much! Oh well the game keeps me sane. Everynigt I text my best friend to meet me in a realm and then we help each other through our quests.

Jun 15, 2009
A friend left the MMORPG that we were both in saying he was looking for a change and mentioning this game. Curiousity got the better of me and I investigated the culprits guilty of his abandonment, it was awful. A kid's game? I was shocked, stunned, freaked, "Hmm, cute graphics, nice plot line", okay, I decided to try the demo.

It took me longer to enter my subscription, then to decide I wanted to stay. I hadn't had so much real fun in almost three years in the other game. And I was a complete and total newbie at any form of card-based gaming system. Yet the tutorials and guides quickly got me up to speed.

I'm a very much older person who's feeling on games is that they are there to entertain, and when it stops being fun, it's time to move on.

Thank you for a game I've found to be delightful, for the challenges that come with communication in game, but which keep egos out along with the rudeness. I've had the pleasure of meeting young and old in this game and hope to continue to do so. Feel free to say hello or call on me if you want, it's a blast taking a 32 level healer to Dragonspyre for a boss fight when a friend says "Help!," even if you have to wait for Merle to tell you you can go, because they didn't really expect you to go into Dragonsprye, when you just got to Marleybone! I love the game more now then I did, and it's still a great way to let the stress of the real world go away for a while.

Mariah Dawnsinger, Life/Fire (now 46 level)
and the rest of my bunch of girls:
Moira Hawktalon Balance/Death
Rowan Sunwalker Fire/Life
Victoria Stormbane, Myth/Life
Keira Mistweaver, Ice/Death
Calamity Deathweaver, Death/Balance

"Did I tell you I have a very short attention span?"

Oct 01, 2009
I got into thsi because of my 11 yr old..I found that I like it as much as she does.. I also play EQ ll

Mar 11, 2009
LaadyX wrote:
I just started playing this game a few days ago and I must say, I was rather impressed. I just got the feeling that whoever was behind its creation had taken great care when working it.

I'm feeling sort of bad at the moment, though. Since we're not allowed to post ages, let's just say I'm not a little kid anymore. I asked my boyfriend if he thought I was being too kiddish and he said "a little" but that it was no big deal and that he wanted me to have fun and not have to worry about drama. Because before I started playing W101, I played another online game that has been full of drama lately. People are constantly KSing you (kill stealing which is where you purposely run off and attack something someone else is already working on killing which can mean them losing credit for the kill in the end) , even higher levels (we're talking people in their's 80's and 90's, it's nuts), and you're always getting called names and people can just be really rude in-game. Unfortunately, the reporting system is more complicated than it should be and the reports seem to be largely ignored and the rules are almost never enforced unless one involving money is broken. It's stressful and games weren't meant to be stressful, they were meant to be fun and help relieve stress.

I like this environment but I guess I'm just wondering how normal it is to be playing this game as an older individual. Please don't post any ages though as it would seem that is not allowed. :)

Im in between being old and young

Aug 25, 2009
Tracyroxx wrote:
I am an older player and my fiance is going to start his account tonight! There is nothing childish about liking games. Games are for everybody young and old!

i agree 100%

nothing childish about liking games

May 04, 2009
Just got around to reading the message boards after a few months of being on the game. I started playing the game to keep an eye on my grandson (whom I live with), and see what was going on in the game. I was hooked from day one! My grandson showed me the ropes of the game and I just took off with it. I now have 3 characters that I switch between for some variety in playing (Life & Storm, Storm & Death, and Myth & Life). I kind of get the feeling for who the kids are when I'm playing, and who the "Older" folks might be. But I must say that for the most part, the kids are simply adorable, polite, and fun to play with. Now that I'm a Level 30 (on all 3 characters), I go back to the other worlds (Wizard City, Krokotopia, etc.) and help out the "noobs" (as the kids call them). Keep on playing. I am!

Kiley, and

Jun 06, 2009
Older player here! My boyfriend and I play the game together... :)

Mar 07, 2009
Middle-old here. I have been gaming since the original D&D by Gary Gygax. My kids are 6 & 8; the eight year old plays on here. My sister played on WoW (still does some). I sent her a friend invite (which she ignored, fearful of a virus, and visited on her own; cost me friend crowns :( ). Now we play every night after work (we are both nurses that work the evening shift) and her six year old son plays.

I have made friends with many other adult players. One other lady and I became so friendly, we met up on FaceBook and chat all the time!

The best thing to happen to this game for adults was Open Chat. Makes communication possible on a whole different level. :)

Love Wizard101

Sarai RainbowBringer GrandMaster Theurgist (Level 50) Secondary Storm

Fallon DeathCaster Magus Necromancer (Level 34) Secondary Fire

Molly ThunderRider Magus Diviner (Level 31) Secondary Death

Jun 02, 2009
Tomorrow (Oct 19th), will be my 63rd birthday. Have been a gamer since Atari days. I was a school teacher, until Jun 30th, my students got me interested in Wizard 101. I think it is a great on-line game. Now that I am retired I still play (more than ever, lol) and it allows me to keep in contact with my former students. I have met many adults on line as well. You can tell by the way they express themselves, instead of constant texting type of messages the kids use. I believe there are many of us "older" types out there.

Aug 25, 2009
Mushai wrote:
Tomorrow (Oct 19th), will be my 63rd birthday. Have been a gamer since Atari days. I was a school teacher, until Jun 30th, my students got me interested in Wizard 101. I think it is a great on-line game. Now that I am retired I still play (more than ever, lol) and it allows me to keep in contact with my former students. I have met many adults on line as well. You can tell by the way they express themselves, instead of constant texting type of messages the kids use. I believe there are many of us "older" types out there.

happy birthday

Dec 23, 2008

To answer your question My fiancee and I are "older"and we have three generations playing. We love it!

Oct 09, 2009
Im in my early 20's and i get bored with games easily but i love wizard 101

May 27, 2009
I am 40 yrs old and my 8yr old son started me playing this game i think in Fefruary or March of this year. I think he regrets it though because we only have one computer and i play all the time. I have 2 Grand Masters and am working on my Storm Wizard which is up to level 31 among others. I've got several other adult friends on the game also, which I met through the game. So people who think Wizard 101 is just for kids, Think Again.

Jessica Bearheart - Grandmaster Ice
Amber Bearheart - Grandmaster Balance

Jun 21, 2009
I'm a 37 year old male. I play Wizard 101 with my 2 children and wife. we all love playing together. I left World of warcraft and played this game exclusivly cause its better for my kids.