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Are the gauntlet bundles worth it?

Aug 19, 2010
I looked at the bundles that gave the winterbane gauntlet, midnight sun pagoda gauntlet, and the spiral cup one. And I was wondering: are there unique drops to these gauntlets? rare pet snacks? Rare gear? And is it worth the $40.00 for each of the bundles? I think about getting them so i can invite friends over and host some pvp, minigames, and even gauntlet runs. So is it worth buying them or is it a waste of $40.00 dollars?

Hunter Legendsmith Level 79

Sep 19, 2013
I would say no, because you can usually hijack someone else's on castle tours.

Sep 17, 2012
If you have a good group of friends, yes it's worth it.

Feb 02, 2014
I've found that it is a nice activity to do with multi level friends that I haven't found a comparable other activity for multi levels (let me know if you know of one). I own 2 and my one of my two best friends in game owns another, they take a bit of time so I haven't done them over and over but I have not seen anything super great loot wise yet, I know they have some guides if you search for them to see what is possible. I know a few unique mounts are available.