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Any Fan Lore?

Jan 07, 2013
With Wizard101 giving some room for imagination, I wonder how many other young Wizards create their own lore. I know I do. For example, the Wizard City revamp gave me some ideas involving the Ravenwood school trees. Each tree can tune into the various streets to keep WC safe.

Blossom can see from the perspective of the Unicorn statues on Unicorn Way.

Ivan uses Cyclops Lane's various new eyes.
Mortis can temporarily see through the eyes of the various Undead rampaging throughout the city.
Bernie senses trouble via the lava running under Firecat Alley.
Kelvin tests the cold winds of Colossus Blvd.
Torrence can feel things through the rain and storms of Triton Ave.
Niles is a different case being in Krok, but I like to think he has a general sense of Ravenwood's safety.

That's some lore I have for myself. Anyone else have some lore they made up for themselves?