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another menu chat needed about prisms

Jun 28, 2013

I agree with the menu chat feature. I have this setting for my daughter. However, there are sometimes when I am trying to tell someone how to cast certain spells.
Example: the prism spell. My daughter, even though she had the tutorial, still did not understand the concept, till I explained it to her person to person. I have come across this many times with low level wizards.
So how can we explain how to use the spell to someone with menu chat??? It is impossible. Like I have stated, the Diego tutorial sometimes does not cut it for younger wizards.
I was just helping someone, and they kept attacking a death boss in dragonspire, with just death cards. I know she has no idea what the prism does, otherwise she would have used them.
So please KINGSISLE consider adding a simple feature telling how to use the prisms in the menu chat.

Thank You, Mark Dragonleaf. L70 Storm