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Am I just bad at the game?

Jan 22, 2012
Fishburt700 on Mar 6, 2013 wrote:
Before I begin, let me just say that I don't want a player to walk around with me and fight with me. I just want advice. I hire a henchmen in every fight, even mobs so I want to be stronger. I try to wear the strongest gear, but at lvl. 49 I just have 2,817 health. I am balance, so I do better in a group fight anyway. If anyone has advice please help!
Wow. I am level 70 and I have 2,802 health. What a fail I am. XD

If you are focusing your gear on health points, don't. Spread around damage, accuracy, resistance, power pips and healing fairly equally. In mob fights, blade up then do an AoE spell that'll be sure to kill them. Try Power Nova, or if you've got it, Ra.
Sierra Ashblood, Transcendent

Dec 07, 2011
Your health is perfectly fine. I'm a level 48 with something around 2,450 health. And thats with my best crown gear.

Oct 24, 2010
Here are the strategies I use when I am fighting a boss:

1. Discard any cards that are useless to the time.
2. Make sure your health is average or above (50% or above)
3. Boost up
4. Get rid of the minion(s) first then focus on the boss.
5. Boost, heal (when needed), then attack when either you are done with boosting or have enough pips. Repeat this step until the boss is dead.

Oct 11, 2012
Fishburt700 on Mar 8, 2013 wrote:
I would like to thank everyone who has given advice. Since then I have become a lvl. 50 wizard with almost 2,900 health. I managed to take out some Dragonspyre guys, but right now I'm in Celestia! If anyone has anymore advice, I would really want to hear it. I just have one more question: in future worlds will more than two monsters gang up on you? This might be be a little off topic, but if that is so I might be doomed, and if it is so then some of the ideas listed above might not work. And any advice on soloing bosses? Thanks again
Don't worry! It gets easier! I have a lvl 90 balance, my first char, an experiment i guess you could say, while i was still getting used to the game. I have some tips you definitely NEED, to avoid making all the mistakes I did, which it took me about 2 months to beat the game (x.x).
1. Craft. Get to legendary artisan ASAP!!!! You will thank me for this when you're wearing silvertongue, wyrd-walker, and armored boots when you get to avalon. (Azteca craft quest is fairly easy, worry about that later.) Legendary quest is the hugest pain in the world, but worth it.
2. In minion fights, blade up, aura, and nova. When you get ra use ra. Get gargantuan and then colossal (this is in drum jungle in zafaria) enchant cards first before you get auras. Don't kill single in minion fights, its a waste of time.
3. In boss fights, ra/nova to kill minion, then blade, trap, and judge boss.
4. Have a separate deck for minions and bosses. Get the best deck for your lvl that holds the most balance copies. for minion deck put in max blades, max aura/enchants, max nova/ra, and a couple sandstorms in case. For boss deck put in max blades, max aura/enchants, max traps, max judge, and some nova/ras. Throw in some heals if you need. Keep another deck around in case something comes up- like a cheat fight.
5. If you havent already, complete all areas of grizzleheim. Wintertusk has good xp for your lvl. Plus, without at least getting quest into nordrilund, you won't get your chimera pet and later on sabertooth spell.
6. Make sure you get waterworks gear at lvl 60. It will last you until avalon craft gear.
7. Make a pet with AT LEAST spell-proof and fairy/spritely, if you dont already have one. Any variations of this will go until you are a higher lvl. The perfect balance pet- which I regrettably dont have, but do know someone who does- is a pet with spell-proof, spell-defying, balance dealer, pain giver, and fairy. One mistake many people make is thinking that this comes in a particular pet. It doesnt. This pet is incredibly hard to make (by hatching) and I have never known anyone else with it. If you get it, good job.
8. Remember, don't stress it. Balance is over powered if you handle it right. Dont waste your crowns on henchmen- you can do this!!!
Good luck!!!