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Alpha and Omega ring drop rate.

Nov 22, 2009
This is the ring i have been trying to farm for. Gladiator dimachareous drops the secret boss in mount olymous drops it and i am just fed up on how much of my time i spent on getting it and all i got was a backpack full of that rubbish senator gear and 4 pages of enchanted armaments. I have been farming him for over a month now and i must have beaten him like over a hundred times and still no ring. Every time i am fighting him in a group i am always the hitter and some people believe that the hitter has better luck in getting the drops but that is obviously false in my case. I started to think it was because i fought him in groups and i thought that the more people the less chance for the ring so i started to solo him. The drops for that were even worse with just a few reagents and a tc. Sometimes i even got nothing. How many times did it take everyone else because it seems like i am never going to get this ring i wish kingisle would just lower the drop rate on it. The only thing i got worth for my time was the myth exalted amulet but the ring is what i really want.