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All schools and worlds & Wizards, LVL's too

Mar 01, 2018

we can talk about schools, Wizards, LVL's and Worlds in the spiral, Side worlds too.
to start us off, we can help each other with Questlines, to get to new worlds. I'm stuck In Krock because I have to buy dungeons in the tome of storms. I am a storm Wizard, LVL 33, (almost 34)
But I have: Grizzleheim, and Wisteria unlocked. I have done all side quests in Krock that I can, so Exited to talk with all you my fellow Wizards!

Mar 11, 2009
well, we (Im sure all wizards here) are excited that you are excited!....you seen to be a positive wizard and thats a good thing.....keep on playing!