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All crafting slots in use?

Apr 15, 2009
I'm trying to craft the dagger of absolution for the crafting quest. Placed the crafting station in my dorm, gathered and bought the right amount of materials and the recipe. But when I try to craft the dagger I get the message "All Crafting Slots are in use."
I've not crafted anything before, so what am I doing wrong?

Dec 17, 2008
Me, too! I have my crafting station all set up, and all the required reagents, but it says "All Slots are Full". I've checked my Time Slots listed under my Character Settings and I have none. Why? How do we get these Time Slots? Eudora has nothing more to say to me.

Another player said I was supposed to get a "watch" symbol from Eudora Tangletree, when I received my crafting table, but that did not happen. I guess I'll play one of my other characters to see if I can get the crafting station to work...

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